The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream

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Hi Beauties!

Finally I got the time to do a post :( I am so badly caught up these days in office and at home, hardly getting time to do blogging. Moreover I am without camera these days, which means, I can not take pictures for any new posts. Lets see when I get my hands on camera (maybe a new one :p). Enough with my babbling lets get to the review.

I once saw face blotting papers by The Face Shop on Cutibubbli Obsessed with makeup's Facebook page. I thought this brand's products are not available in Pakistan. Actually the whole range is not available however, I got my hands on the cleansing face wash. I don't know why but I had a certain expectation attached with this product. Lets find out whether this product was able to meet my expectations or not.

The Face Shop is a Korean brand which was launched in 2003 and now has expanded its business to 21 countires around the world with approximately 930 stores. I am not aware but I think The Face Shop products are not vastly available in Pakistan and neither are any outlets for this brand here but somehow the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam was available at Raja Sahib Link Road for Rs. 475. I felt like giving it a try as I like to try out new face washes and cleansers. I sort of find it fun to find out which product lives up to the claims it makes.

The reason I purchased this cleansing foam was that I found it really appealing to look at. The light pink color is what really attracted me to this cleansing foam and when I saw its from The Face Shop, I really wanted to try it out. The cleanser comes in 150 ml soft tube packing with a black pop open cap. The texture of the cleanser is like a cream, its thick. There is a very light hint of fragrance in it which is not much noticeable.


I kind of like my cleansers and face washes to be lathery. This one is like a cream and does not lather. Hence I use more quantity of it. I am indifferent regarding this product. I mean I did not notice any considerable benefits after using it. It surely makes the skin soft, smooth and clean but that is that. Nothing more. The effect is temporary and you wont notice anything different. It was a good to try out for once product but I do not think I would be returning back to using it again. I'll probably pass this one as an ordinary product with nothing extra ordinary. I rate it a 3/5. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and let me know what you think of it. I love reading your feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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