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Hi Beauties!

I think I should officially declare the month of May as the hauling month since I have been hauling alot lately, almost everyday this month. The scorching heat of summer makes my head swing and hurt yet I am so upto shopping that I am not bothering the headaches. But I think I should be careful now as its not a joke to get dehydrated that too in this harsh summer season.

Anyways I went to Shoppe to see if they have Bourjois cosmetics counter but unfortunately they do not have it yet. So I was just pacing around looking at things on display and I saw this cute little hair strightening iron. I asked the sales woman to open it up and show it to me. I already have Remmington hair essentials complete set that has a straightener, two types of curling rods and a crimper along with hair clips. I did not want to buy it and told the sales woman to put it back. But then I could not bring myslef up to leaving it there. Its so small and adorable and pink that I did not have the heart to leave it so I bought it.


Be hair straightener is a product of Be Hair Botique which is in Uk in Surrey. Its a professional hair straightener which heatens up to 200 C, has ceramic plates and instantly heats up within 30 seconds. Moreover it works on multiple voltages.


The thing that attracted me to this straightener was its small size and its bright pink color. Its just so chic and girly. The small size makes it travel friendly which means you can easily pop it into your bag when travelling.


I have not used it so far this one is just a haul post. Will let you know the results after I use it a few times. This straightener cost me Rs. 3595. As compared to other straighteners it is a little costly but I think its ok as its really compact yet professional and high performance straightener plus its pink :D. Hope you liked my haul. Drop in your comments and let me know as I love reading your feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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