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Hi Beauties!

Head bands are really in fashion these days for quite some time now. I remember when I was a kid I used to have a huge head band collection. I had them in almost all shades, designs and patterns ranging from stripes to checks, florals to cartoons, plains to plastics and what not. As I grew up, head bands were replaced by pony tails and braids. They got associated to be used by kids only. Rarely any adult wearing head bands was seen. But now once again head bands are all the rage. I, now having rebonded hair, head band is so convenient for me plus it suits me too <3.

I just went to Haroon's for a casual stroll in the store and there I saw these lovely new head bands and they were so so cute too. I still feel like buying some more :p

All in all I got myself 5 head bands.

This one is in off white with mauve colored polka dots just on the bow of the head band. This neutral shade can match with several pastel and neutral colored dresses. Luckily I have matching shoes too :) I got this one for Rs. 225.

I dont know what this blue is called but this head band is a darker dull shade of blue with black polka dots and bunny ears like bow. This band is made up of silky cloth material hence it has shine to it, rest of the bands are matte. I really like this one, its so cute <3. This one is also for Rs. 225.

This one has a white base and small pink flowers and green leaves. This one is very decent and sobre and will go with several clothes. This headband costs Rs. 175.

Here is another one with polka dots. I think I am quite obsessed with polka dots these days :p This one is also for Rs. 175.

Last but not the least the ferozi colored head band (Thank God I knew the name of the color :p) Its plain and simple and goes with light blues and other dresses in contrast. This one is also for Rs. 175.

This is it for my head band hauling. I hope you liked my bands. These bands are reasonably priced and are of good quality. They are also quite comfortable but when worn for long they do hurt the head a little and this goes for most of the head bands, so its not a big deal. Haroon's always comes up with pretty and cute chic things and head bands are another addition to it. I purchased these from Haroon's D.H.A. Y Block outlet and there are still more available in other cute designs. You should definitely check these out. Haroon's outlets are in Vogue Towers and Qaddafi Stadium Lahore. Other outlets are in Rawalpindi and Islamabad too. Has anyone of you bought these cuties? Do you have any like me? Share them with me. Drop in your comments and let me know. Hope you liked the review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! 

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