Palladio Blotting Rice papers in Translucent

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Hi Beauties!

Summer is fully abloom and so is the oil that oozes out on our faces. For all those having oily skins they become oil tankers oozing with oil (no offense) and those who do not have oily skins yet they perspire and look tan. How many of you use wipes and tissues to wipe off the oil and sweat on face? I am sure this must be a majority. I have also belonged to this majority. But not anymore! I have found a great temporary solution to wipe away the oil and sweat on face and look fresh even in this harsh hot weather. How? Read further to find out...

I first came to know of these blotting papers through Sarah Glossicious's blog. I really liked the purpose of these blotting papers and since these were the only ones I knew and found I purchased these to give them a try. And now, I really do not regret buying them.

Palladio blotting papers come in a small handy thin cardboard box which is quite small, the size of a small business card but a little thick. These blotthing papers are available in three different shades just like compact powders. I got myself the translucent ones. There are 40 full sized sheets in the pack. Use a sheet and discard it after use.

This is how the box opens up and a single sheet rests there for easy popping when required.

This is the front side which is coated with rice powder. Rice powder has absorbing properties which is what makes the paper absorb all the oil on face. Plus the powder functions like a compact powder over the face making the face appear fresh again, totally oil free.

This is the back side of the paper and is plain. Both sides could be used for wiping the face. Its a matter of your own choice.

Here is the ugly part. I wiped my face with the paper and here is the oil it absorved from my face. Can you imagine having this much oil on face? I had no idea that the shine I see on my face can actually sum up to this much :o This picture proves how good these sheets are. They absorb oil and shine on face giving you a matte finish without making the face look too dry or cakey. Its upto you which side you feel more comfortable with. I personally prefer using the rice paper side as it absorbs oil and powders the face giving it a matte finish. Another good thing about these papers are, they are thick enough and do not tear apart while wiping.

I read on several blogs girls complaining about powder dropping off on clothes and everywhere. Personally I have not experienced any such thing. Maybe its because I am using Translucent papers and this could be an issue with Natural or Warm beige ones. I don't know for sure though. But what I am sure of is that I have not experienced any powder falling here and there from the paper. I carry these in my hand bag at all times and whenever I feel like touching up my face I use these. Moreover these sheets absorb sweat too so if I am perspiring I use them to wipe my face and Voila! unveils a matte smooth powdered face. The powder amount is very nominal and hardly one feels anything applied over the face.

All in all these sheets are simply awesome. I would rate them 5/5 and would highly recommend giving them a try. I purchased the pack for Rs. 295 from Pot Pourri D.H.A. Y Block. Palladio is available in all leading stores in Lahore and you would not having problem seeking it out. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and tell me if you have used Palladio rice paper sheets. How was your experience? 

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