ArtDeco Long Lasting Lip Stylo and Lip Brilliance

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Hi Beauties!

Today's post is a little speical for me as for the very first time I tried the ArtDeco products. I had read many reviews on Pakistani blogs and read really good verdicts about them but never tried the products as I found the brand over priced. But this month I took the plunge and purchased a few ArtDeco items. I am not doing a haul post at the moment but just sharing my view on the two products I tried out.

You might have heard the latest summer collection of ArtDeco has hit stores recently. I saw the pictures of the new products on ArtDeco's Facebook page and they looked so tempting, it was hard to take eyes off them. So I went to Enem store and tested a few items. The sales girl there was really nice and helpful. She showed me the new collection and other items. I really really liked the result of their products. Everything just seems to glide on smoothly and has a velvety finish. Today's review is going to be on ArtDeco's long lasting lip stylo and lip brilliance. Lip stylo is their long lasting lipstick while lip brilliance is their lip gloss.

Long lasting lip stylo in number 34 and lip brilliance in number 32.

Lip stylo in 34

Doe applicator for lip brilliance

Here are the swatches of both. On the left is the swatch of lip stylo and on the right is the swatch of lip brilliance. They look quite pigmented.

Here is how they look on my lips when applied together.

As you can see above the color did not show up much on my lips. However I actually like the effect it brings on the lips. These shades give me a very natural and tamed look perfect for casual use every day. Moreover the lipstick can also be used as a lip base for other colors. Sometimes there are lipsticks that do not give out the actual color on your lips in that case this lip stylo can be used as a base over the lips to bring out the true color of the lipstick. Its a brown nude shade and will go with most of your dresses and light makeup looks. The lipstick smoothly glides onto the lips and is quite soft and creamy. Though its matte but it isnt hard or chappy its moisturising and velvety but with a matte look. As for their lasting power I'd say yes, it has a good staying power and lasts long enough. It lasted on my lips for good 5 hours. In these 5 hours I drank water few times and milk as well but the lip stylo and lip brilliance both stayed put however as for the lunch when I had it both of them vanished but I do not blame them. Its just me, I do not understand how I eat but no matter what I am wearing on my lips be it a super long lasting lip tint, after a meal my lips are squeaky clean with no traces of lipstick or whatsoever. So I do not blame lip stylo and lip brilliance for not lasting after meal.

Overall I would rate them both 4.5/5 and totally recommend you giving them a try. The lip stylo is for Rs. 1050 and I shall update the lip brilliance's price later in the evening as I cant seem to find the receipt. Honestly so far I have not found any flaw with them but you might not like them for they being a little pricey. That was my major concern too for not trying them till now. However I would say they are totally worth the price. I hope you liked my lip stylo and lip brilliance. I sure am loving them. Drop in your comments and tell me what you think. Stay helathy and beautiful. Take care!

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