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Hi Beauties!

The new nail collection by Color Studio Professional is in the market now and is all the rage these days. Every other blog is posting about their new nail paints. With all this rage how could have I lagged behind? :p No doubt the new nail paints are very tempting. I was not done with the Pro nails and here is Color Studio again introducting more colors to increase out lust for more nail paints. So anyways here is what I got myself:

I purchased mine from Hyperstar. Color Studio has a huge sales area there. I really liked their setup there its a little dark and gives a goth outlook or maybe it was not properly set at that time. Their stock had just arrived and the sales girls were real busy in listing the stock and placing it so everything was topsy turvy. Even the paint boxes are not right. They just put them in which ever box they got their hands on :p But I don't mind I was more concerned with my nail colors ;) So here is what is inside the boxes:

I purchased 4 nail paints from their haute collection and one from the neon range. Staring from left to right following are the names of the nail enamels.

1. Haute Couture
2. Latte
3. Neon Elixir
4. Haute Wheels
5. Steel

I tested out these nail colors and took pictures of the two applications I did.

For the first look I used Haute Couture and Latte.

The result you see above has been achieved by applying two coats of the nail paint. Haute Couture is a little sheer. Two applications give the above result. I guess it would be totally opaque with 3 applications. Comparitively Latte is more color consistent. Only one coat has been aaplied above and it is opaque enough.

The second look has been done by using Steel and Haute Wheels.

Haute wheels is another very bright orange shade perfect for summers. It looks more like a neon orange shade. The shine of the color is just amazing. Its really eye catching and praise worthy. The above result has been achieved by applying two coats of Haute wheels and steel. Steel I would say is very pigmented and full colored shade. Its isnt a dark or dull grey its more like a bright shiny silver color which looks perfect for parties and events.

The new Haute collection has amzing colors. Can you see the shine on the colors? If you are a lazy person like me who does not go for top coat then these are the colors for you. The do not require a top coat for lustre purposes as they have their own lustre. The best feature for me is they dry real quick. Since I change my nail color frequently I want something that is easy to remove and is quick drying. So when I applied these shades they dried within 2 minutes. A defnitie plus from my side. Lasting abilty is also great. They last good upto 4 days and start to chip off the tips later that too real slowly. So here is another plus. Overall I would say these colors are simply fabulous. I would rate them 5/5 and would totally recommend all those girls who are still thinking of buying them or not. Well, what are you waiting for? Rush and get your colors.

I got all these shades for Rs. 350 from Hyperstar. I saw the Haute Nails availble for Rs. 250 now I think I got ripped off by those sales girls. Since they did not give me payment receipt I have no proof that I actually paid Rs. 1750 for all these nail colors. I am not sure if the Haute ones are for Rs. 250 or Rs. 350 so when you buy them please make sure of the price. The neon ones are surely priced at Rs. 350. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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