Luscious Sparkling Face Shimmer in Fairy Dust

10:57 AM

Hi Beauties!

We all know our very own brand has come up with yet another new product. Luscious sparkling face shimmer is the new launch which is all the rage these days in the Pakistani blogosphere and I must say the hype is well deserved. I, also after a long time have got my hands on another Luscious product because the packaging was just so cute and irrestible. See for yourself!

See what I mean? The packaging of sparkling face shimmers is cute and very elegant. Its so different from all other previous Luscious products that it just tempts you to try it out. I personally was intrigued after a long time for a Lucsious product. Before this, the twilight palette was the apple of my eyes and now this product has caught my attention.

Luscious sparkling face shimmer comes in a 12 gms transparent plastic jar with a silver lid and Luscious logo inscribed on the lid.

Inside the jar there is a plastic lid with holes on it. The purpose of these holes is to get a reasonable amount of powder on the powder brush without over dabbing the brush with excessive shimmer and becoming a glittered clown. So a very limited amount of powder comes on the surafce of the lid and one can dab the blush/podwer brush and brush it on the face.

The shade I have is Dust Fairy which is a nice light gold colored shimmer with peach undertone. The main color is gold dust but the underlying tone is a very light hint of peach color. Here are a few builded swatches of the shimmer to let you have an idea about the shade.

This is the blended swatch of the shimmer. It looks very pretty when blended. Gold color with a hint of peach in it. 

My experience with this shimmer is great. This has recently become my everyday use product. Sometimes I apply it alone to get a nice glow on my face and sometimes I use it on the apple of my cheeks and blend it with a pink blush. Its a mutli purpose product. You can use it as a highlighter and also as a blush. The shimmer is blended to a fine perfection. Unlike some other brands that have these shimmers Luscious shimmer does not have a cakey appearance. The shimmer blends very well into the skin and does not settle into a blotch on one spot. A tip tp my readers: When applying the shimmer do not touch the brush on one place and start blending it. Lightly tap and drag the brush all over the are you want to cover then blend. When you tap it at one spot only and start to blend the area gets a blotch. That looks real ugly. Tap the brudh slowly across the area and then blend to get a smooth even finish.

For the packaging and quality I would rate this product 4.5/5 and would definitely recommend you all to try it. Other than Fairy Dust sparkling face shimmer is available in 4 other colors. Get yourself the one that suits you best. The sparkling face shimmer is priced at Rs. 595 and is available all across Pakistan in various departmental stores. You can also order online through their website by clicking here. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! 

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