My First Haul from Wishlist

10:12 PM

Hi Beauties!

Recently the online shopping trend has boomed alot in Pakistan. We see online stores openeing up every other day now. Most of them are operating on Facebook. Girls and women are earning money at home which I would say is a very positive change. Women are contributing to earning household income and its a very very positive sign. Enough with the Economics talk I have built up the opening lines so lets get to the point now :p Recently I saw a post on Sara Hassan's blog where she did a review on a product from a new Facebook page that sells international branded items in Pakistan. I quickly went to that page and liked it and even ordered some available items.

My order arrived within a few days and I was so anxious to open it up that I took the picture of the box from my phone in the office and tore it apart. So greedy I am :(

My items were neatly bubble wrapped so they dont get damaged. I ordered Opia neon ring set and necklace.

I simply love bith the items. The neon rings are so colorful and bright, very summery. They were available in medium and large size. I ordered myself the medium one. Since all of them are of the same size so I wear them in my middle finger as they are lose in others. As for the necklace I have a resembling necklace that I purchased from Accessorize but I liked this one too so I got another one from myself. I love both the things and got compliments from everyone on them. The ring is for Rs. 700 while the necklace is for Rs. 900. Pretty reasonable, eh?

Now its time to tell you what store I am talking about. Well its Wishlist. You can check them out on their Facebook page here and can order whatever you like. They have a huge variety of stuff. I hope you liked my haul. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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