Oriflame July Haul

11:14 AM

Hi Beauties!

With the month of July came out the new promotions by Oriflame. They now have these quarterly promotions which stay for like 3 months. Though I personally preffered their monthly promotions like they were used to last year but I think this year they had a change in their promotional policies. Oh well, July has got some new Oriflame products launching in Pakistan. New is their Studio Artist range which has foundation, pressed powder and lipsticks. I got myself a few picks which I'm gonna share with you all.

1. Oriflame Perfume Fire for Rs. 792
2. Oriflame pencil sharpner for Rs. 143
3. Silk anti perspirant 24h roll on deodarant for Rs. 279
4. Optifresh whitening toothpaste for Rs. 238
5. Lip spa therapy for Rs. 439
6. Wonder color lipstick in Beige wonder for Rs. 552
7. Studio Artist lipstick in Hot pink for Rs. 398
8. Gloss bosster in sugar glaze for Rs. 552 (I forgot to put in the picture above, a solo picture of it is at the end)

Beige Wonder

Hot Pink

Lip Spa Therapy

Gloss Booster in Sugar Glaze

Hope you liked my July Oriflame haul. Drop in your comments and tell me what you think of it. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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