Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Tint and Balm

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Hi Beauties!

Heard about the new Rimmel launch? These lip tints just came into the market and so far very few Rimmel counters have them. Luckily I spotted them at Shoppe Liberty market and got myself in number 110, Stay very berry.

The new thing about these lip tints is they are double sided. One side is the lip tint and the other side is a lip balm. Read the review further to see what I mean ;)

Lip tint

The lip tint is pen shaped and can be applied like a marker over the lips. Its so convenient to use. Simple remove the cap and line the lips and fill in. The pen tip allows percision and no drop outs.

Lip balm

The other end of the lip tint has a lip balm. Pop out the cap and when the lip tint is dry roll the balm over the lips. It moiturizes the lips and gives them a smooth glow just like a clear gloss has been applied over the lips.  

The above two pictures have been taken alone with the lip tint. The finish is matte and pigmented. However if you look at the two pictures below they have been taken after applying the balm and they have a glossy finish.


My Experience:

I personally love this lip tint for two simple reasons. One it stays put on my lips, lasts real long and secondly it looks pretty on my lips. If you do not have eating style like me which can magically vanish any trace of lip product on the lips then surely this product will last long on your lips. Its available in different shades randing from peach to brown to reds and berries. The color variety is limited though covering the basic colors only but the product itself is simply amazing. For the lasting power I would rate it a 5/5 and overall I would rate it 4.7/5 for the color, packaging and style.
These lip tints are priced at Rs. 1200, a little pricey I would say and are available at some Rimmel counters at the moment. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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