Tank top/Chemisole/Under shirt in White from Tesoro Accessories

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Hi Beauties!

A few days back when I was splurging like a mad woman on Lahori streets I could not have forgotten taking a trip to Tesoro Accessories. And so I did go there to check if they had any new variety in stock. Most of the stuff was routine stuff however I saw something which was extremely practical and of daily use.

Yes, these tank tops. You can call them tank tops. chemisoles or under shirts whatever that suits you. With the harsh summers we are enduring these days and the flimsy thin see through lawn suits a chemise or an undershirt is unavoidable. Though its really very hot and the thought of wearing a double shirt is daunting but with the lawn varieties in market these days sometimes its just unevitable to wear an undershirt.

Before buying these tank tops I use to wear the stretchy cotton unsershirts which are widely available everywhere. They have spaghetti straps and are made of cotton and polyester and are stretchable and cling to your body when worn. But now after wearing this Tesoro tanks I am not going to recommend anyone wearing those in summers. They cling to your body and makes it impossible for the body to breathe and the result is it makes you sweat alot coz air just sant seem to pass through it.

The front part of the tank has these studded diamontes in silver and white and look super chic.

The straps are adjustable so you can adjust them according to your shoulders. Great idea I would say. Its really convenient for lowering the neck if you are wearing something that has a deep neck and you do not want your tank to be peeping out from underneath.


These are the washing instructions and also the fabric compostion which I can not seem to understand :p


My thoughts:

I am very pleased with this purchase of mine. Its very comfortable and breatheable. The spaghetti straps are convenient as they do not show out around the neck area of the shirt/kameez. Plus the tank takes the A shape from the bottom so it tends to expand around the hip area and does not cling to the body tightly. It has a lose fitting which makes it quite breatheable besides being made of polyester fabric. The studded diamontes give it a chic look and it can be worn as a tank top alone. I would rate it 4.5/5 and would recommend you giving it a try. I purchased it for Rs. 975 from Tesoro Accessories Xinhua Mall Lahore. This was available in white, black, red, pink, grey and blue. So a vast variety of colors to chose from. Get yours before they are all sold out. Hope you liked me review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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