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Hi Beauties!

Here is another post on lingerie. So far you girls have been really very supportive and encouraging by appreciating these posts. Thankyou so much. Recently when I went to Raja Sahib I casually went for a stroll in their lingerie section with the mind of not purchasing anything at all. A good thing about Raja Sahib's lingerie section is that its a separate room with female sales representatives. Though its a small area but one can conveniently buy lingerie and even try it out without men making funny faces and giving out weird vibes. So coming back to the point I was taking a look at their new stock and there was this lady buying a cute pink bra. I asked the sales rep to show me the bra just like the one held in that lady's hand. That was a Triumph bra and read further to find out my experience with it.

So Triumph bras come neatly packed in a cardboard box which has their label at one side and a model on the other. Inside the box the bra is nicely packed in a transparent plastic wrapper.


So this is the cute little beauty that rests within the box.

Its a very basic simple under wired bra with lace on just the upper corners and bow in the middle of the cups.


Here is the inner view of the bra. Here you can notice that its just an under wired bra and not a padded bra. Some people even the sales rep we have at the counters selling these bras name them as padded bras though it has no pads just an under wire. The bra is made of polyamide, polyester and elastene.  

Inner view

Closer view of the under wire and cup

Another best feature about this bra for me is thats its a thin strap bra. It has a single hook with tripple options of hooking. I personally do not prefer thick back straps so this is a huge plus for me.


I am so glad I purchased this bra. It was worth the buy. So many women say they feel uncomfortable wearing wired bras as the wires tend to bite them. A piece of advise, if you are buying a wired bra for the first time please do try it in the try room before buying and try bending down and moving to observe if the bra is too tight for you or not. This bra has a very light feeling to it. I feel so comfortable wearing it that it hardly makes me feel its presence. Overall I would rate this bra a 4.8/5.

Would I buy more bras from Triumph? Definitely yes and I would highly recommend you giving them a try. They are stylish, comfortable and economical. This bra is priced at Rs. 1460. Remember, the prices of Triumph products are printed on their boxes so do not ever be fooled by a clever seller. You can confirm the price from the box. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and tell me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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