Anokhee by Bareeze Chinyere

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Hi Beauties!

So who is aware of this new product line recently launched by Chinyere? Chinyere itself is a sister concern of Bareeze and has recently launched a new product line by the name of Anokhee which in English means unique.

This new range inclused traditional clothes, handbags, clutches and jewelery items. I got myslef a shirt, skinnys and a few jewelery items. However in this post I'll only be sharing the jewelery items.

So here is the necklace and bracelet I purchased from Anokhee line. Its purely hand made with vibrant pink, purple, green, yellow and orange colors and looks fabulous when worn.

Here is the bracelet. Its pink in color with metallic charms sewn all over it, set in place with a bright green thread. The bracelet can be opened and tied with the purple loop that gets fixed into the orange bead.

I wore the necklace to work and got so many compliments on it. No matter what, traditional items have their own charm. They never loose their beauty and charm and are ever lasting designs.

The necklace is choker styled but is quite flexible and is made up of a combination of vibrant colors with three charms stitched at the center that match exactly with the bracelet.

Here is the coloser view of the charms.

This is how the necklace is tied behind the neck. The loop fixes between the mustard bead and the necklace is locked and secure. It sometimes is a hassle to open it up since the loop is quite tight.

The bracelet is priced at Rs. 850 while the necklace is for Rs 1190. I would say the items are a little over priced but then again all Chinyere items are. For the quality and style the prices are justified. Anokhee is at the moment available at selective Chinyere stores. In Lahore its only available at D.H.A. Y. Block outlet.

Have you purchased anything from Anokhee lately? Or do you plan on buying something from there? Drop in your comments and share your views with me on my latest buys. I love reading them. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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