Bourjois So Laque! in Bleu Asphalte

8:35 PM

Hi Beauties!

Its been long that I have not done a Nail post alone, so here is one for you. I recently purchased two Bourjois So Laque! nail colors from Pot Pourri Defence. The one I am wearing today is my favorite shade. When I saw this shade at the counter I knew I can not miss on this one since I have not seen such a shade anywhere so far.

This is Bourjois shade No 37 in Bleu Asphalte. Its a dark vamp shade and is perfect for winter wear. I am wearing it today and I am totally loving it. This is such shade that one can easily carry off regardless of the skin complexion or nail size. This color simply rocks.

I must say that is is a fantastic color. Very different and unique from the usual ones. Its neither blue, grey nor purple. Its a micture of these three colors. You get a hint of blue, purple and grey altogther in it.

Bourjois So Laque! nail colors come in a 10 ml glass bottle with a sturdy handle cap and a moderate sized application brush. The brush covers my nails with two strokes. The handle cap provides a good grip for the brush. The formula itself is quite pigmented. However two coats are required for perfect opaqueness.

The best part for me about this nail color is its quality to quickly dry after application. By the time I finished applying first coat on my last nail the first nail had already dried up. So I did a second coat right after the first one and did not have to wait at all in between the coat applications. Since I keep on changing my nail colors on regular basis I do not like to wait much for nail colors to dry. Plus who likes to wait anyway? :p So this is a huge plus for me. Moreover it shines like anything. No top coat is required for extra shine. However you may want to apply it to seal the color. As for the Bourjois claim that it stays up to 7 days I don't think it does because mine has started to chip off after 2 days and I haven't been doing the dishes either. So lasting power is not what it claims to have. Bourjois So Laque! nail colors are priced at Rs. 690 which I would say is steep for a 10 ml nail color. 

So here is my overall assessment of the nail enamel. 

  • Opaque after 2 coats
  • Instantly dries after application
  • Moderate size applicator brush
  • Ultra shine
  • Chips off after 2 days
  • Price
Would I recommend buying it? Yes, totally! So give Bourjois nail colors a try. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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