Mughziat Hair Oil by Saeed Ghani

4:15 PM

Hi Beauties!

Its monsoon season here in Pakistan. The weather is so humid these days that it feels as if one is suffocating. In the same manner the skin is also experiencing the same trauma. My skin gets so oily during this season though I have a very dry skin. As for my hair, don't bother asking! They are falling like leaves off trees in autumn. I feel as if I'll be bald quite soon. Since I re bonded my hair last year they feel so thin now :'( Its believed by elder ladies here that Monsoon is the season of hair fall. No matter what remedy is adopted if one is experiencing a hair fall they will fall no matter what and lets not forget those baby hair that pop up in place of fallen hair and spoil your hair styles. So what am I doing to prevent my hair from falling or more like trying to minimize the hair fall? Read below to find out. 

Two years back I was not aware of a local herbal brand with the name of Saeed Ghani. Thanks to my cousins who use Saeed Ghani products in Karachi, they told me about their products. I visited their outlet in Millennium Mall and I was quite impressed to see their range. I also have begun using Saeed Ghani hair oils since I find them effective and pocket friendly. 

My recent purchase for hair oil has been their Mughziat hair oil which is specifically for hair fall. Moreover it claims to stimulate hair growth, softening of hair and prevents baldness.

Mughziat hair oil comes in a 120 ml plastic bottle with a red cap. The oil itself is also red. The only reservation I have at the moment is with the smell of this product. I would say its overly fragrant. It  has a very strong fragrance of henna and Jasmine flower (must be others too but I only could distinguish these two). Once you have applied it over your head all family members will know you have oiled your hair :p Its so strong!

I have just started using this hair oil and can't say at the moment if its effective or not. I shall update you all later at some point about my experience with it. Has anyone used this hair oil? Share your experience with me. I would like to know if it worked for you or not. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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