My new love: Blue/Plum Bag from Haroon's

12:20 PM

Hi Beauties!

My month does not start if I do not vsit Haroon's. And whenever I go to Haroon's there is always some new variety of stuff waiting for me to buy. I think it has never ever happened that I have been to Haroon's and come out empty handed.
This time I got another handbag for myself in blue and plum shade with blue, pink and yellow flowers.

The front side of the bag has multi colored flowers while the back side is plain with just a blue zipper pocket. This bag is not in leather material, its more like a thick fabric bag. If you remember my black bag from Haroon's, you will notice this bag having exactly similar shape to that one. The style and material varies but the size and shape is exactly the same.

Front view

Back view
The zippers and handle of the bag are in a leather like material but the rest of the bag is made up of fabric. The front part also has leather like dangling flower shapes tied to the front handle. I also liked the zipper. Its braided and knotted.

Coming to the inner view of the bag It has a zipper pocket at the inner back side, a mobile pocket and another small pocket adjacent to the mobile pocket, all lined with blue leather material.

Inner view

The handbag is very comfortable to use. Its the kind you carry on your arm or hold in the hand. It does not come with a shoulder strap so one is restricted to carry it over the arms which might tend to get tiring if you carry alot of stuff in your handbag like me. It comes with a white protective dust bag, so when the bag is not in use you can put it inside the dust bag to save it from dust. The bag is priced at Rs. 2195.
This bag is my new love and I am using it on everyday basis now. Its looks really cute and chic and has quite alot of storage capacity. Overall I am rating this bag a 4/5, deducting 1 point for not coming with a shoulder strap. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and tell me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!


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