Oriflame Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash

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Hi Beauties!

Hygiene, cleanliness, sanitization is what is stressed most when it comes to beauty routines. Afterall how can one expect to be beautiful while one is unclean and dirty. And hygiene is not limited to only face, hands or feet, it incorporates the whole you and the environment around you. One great hypiene product that I have come across is Oriflame's Feminelle Soothing Intimate wash for a female's intimate area.
I came to know about initimate washes way back when I was a school going teen and there was a promotion going on with Butterfly sanitary napkins. There came a free sachet of intimate wash with the sanitary napkins. After using that I tried searching alot for any such product in the market but of no use. There wasn't any product I could find for this purpose untill recently I saw this Oriflame's intimate wash on their website. I just knew I had to get this one.

I read alot of posts on the blogoshpere emphasizing the need of cleanliness and hygiene by washing hands and face before starting any tretment or makeup. Same goes for taking care of feet but I ask what about the intimate area? What do we do to take care of it? Wash it with soap? Well do you know that soaps tend to strip away the flora in the intimate area which makes us prone to many infections. Plus its very important to maintain a certain level of PH there too. So what to do then? When Feminelle intimate wash is the answer. Read below to find out why I liked it so much.

Oriflame Feminelle intimate wash comes in a creamy orange pump bottle. Just rotate the pump and push it a little to get some on your hand. I find two pump pushes enough for myself. The pump allows you to get a controlled amount and you don't get an excess. The product content is 300 ml which is way enough since a very small amount is required.

I am not sure if its visible to you girls in the picture or not but the wash is cramy peach in shade and has silky texture to itself. The consistency is runny though. This is the amount of two pumps in my hand. Since it lathers really really well a very small amount is enough to do the job. It has a very mild sweet fragrance which is noticable enough. Though I would prefer the fragrance to be a little strong but maybe that will imbalance the PH level. Last year I got an infection by using my office toilet and if I had this item then, I am sure I would not have suffered that much. Since I have started using this product, it keeps me away from any fungal infection and itch. It contains lactic acid which is essential for maintaing the acidity level of the vagina to prevent any infections and bacteria.
This product has been designed for everyday use. Its very mild and gentle on the skin and causes no burning or redness. I use it everytime I have to use the loo at home to keep my intimate area clean and fresh and especially during those days. The only drawback I found in this product is that its only available in one size that is 300 ml bottle. Its not travel friendly at all. What if I am on a vaccation or somwhere outside my home and need to use the loo what to do then? Carrying a big bulky bottle is not practical. I wish Oriflame comes up with a travel sized packaging for this product.
I am rating this product 4.5/5 and totally recommend you to buy it. Infact I would re buy it once I run out of this one. There is another variant of this by the name of gentle intimate wash. I haven't tried that one yet. You can purchase it from Oriflame consultants on Facebook pages. There are several who sell Oriflame products. I got mine for Rs. 545. For the quantity of the product the price is very reasonable and affordable. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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