Sanctuary Kyphi Nourishing Hot Sugar Scrub

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Hi Beauties!

Who does not like to pamper one's self! Sometimes pampering is all you need to feel good. Some might prefer going to spas, salons for massages and treatments. How do you indulge yourself in the luxury? I treat myself with Sanctuary's kyphi nourishing hot sugar scrub sometimes for a bath.

Kyphi Hot sugar scrub comes in a 400 ml heavy glass jar with a metallic clasp lid. The glass container is real heavy and I believe it will break the instant it slips from the hands. Due to its large size it is not travel friendly. However the packaging is really attractive and compels the customer to buy it.

Front view

Back view
Ummm I know very little of the product is left in the jar and its literally about to end but I wanted to review it before it actually finished. So you may not be able to see the actual look of the product since its real deep down at the bottom.

This is how the scrub looks like. It contains natural sugar, argan oil, sacred lotus oil and sandalwood. The scrub itself is very grainy, has thick consistency (quite thick). However the sugar dissolves once its rubbed over the skin. Since the name suggests its a hot sugar scrub, when applied over the body it instantly gets warm. By warm I mean slightly warm, that too in a good way, the body feels good but not hot as the name suggests.  

Coming to my experience of this product I would say it is an excellent product. No doubt it is, it has also been nominated as one of the top ten body exfoliators by Marie Claire Magazine. I love the metal clasp lid and the glass jar, its the appearance of the product that tempted me to buy it, though the shopkeeper praised it like its some heavenly exfoliator. The consistency is real thick however, alot of product is required to exfoliate the whole body. So do not expect it to last long since you consume quite alot of the product while exfoliating. As soon as I rub it over the body it turns warm and feels like a scrub with thick granules but soon the sugar and other granules dissolve and it turns smooth and is not harsh at all. I exfoliate my body and then rinse it off. I need to rub it off my body as it takes time to be removed off the skin and if it is not properly removed it leaves the skin white as if cream has dried over the skin. So I rub off every inch of my body to remove it. It leaves the skin smooth, fresh and glowy. It smells great too. It has a strong scent to it which lasts for almost two hours after bath. I have tried it over my face as well and it went fine. I did not experience any redness or burning on my face and neither it broke me out. Since I have a dry skin it worked fine for me but I am not sure if it will work for oily skins. I would not recommend trying it over an acne prone face since the granules might be too harsh for the skin.
This exfoliator is a great for a luxurious sensuous bath and I rate it a 4.5/5 and highly recommend you to try it out if you want to treat yourself. It is reasonable priced at Rs. 500 and I purchased mine from Channel cosmetics store situated in Liberty Market. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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