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Hi Beauties!

Way long back in January this year I did a post on a bracelet I purchased online from SK9 and I loved that bracelet when it arrived. So I placed another order with her and got myself some more jewellery items and a few other stuff. Let me share with you what I ordered this time.

I got myself 3 bracelets and a ring. Two of the items are from her branded collection while the other two are from regular jewellery collections. The blue bracelet and the ring is from the branded collection.

This light camel colored bracelet is sonething that would go with most of the dresses. Its a neutral shade and matches with most colors. The strap is made up of suede and is braided. It has small charms dangling to it and are really cute. The only thing I dislike about this bracelet is tieing it by myself which is hell difficult for me. This bracelet is priced at Rs. 550. Pretty reasonable isn't it?

Next are these bangles which I absolutely love. They look so gorgeous especially the emerald colored stone. I love it. The problem I faced with these bangles is they are not my size. They are quite big on me. Although they are adjustable but they are adjustable to an even larger size. So what I do now is I wear the emrald one on my biceps and sometime the spikey one also. They look so pretty worn there. If you have them you can try it out as well. This set of bangles cost me Rs. 650.

Here is my most favorite item of all. This branded ring is something I fell in love with when I saw it for the first time. When the ring arrived I thot OMG this looks big, I hope it fits on me. But amazingly it did. The ring fits me perfectly. Its adjustable and can be worn by larger finger sizes too since the band is elastic. Whenever I have worn this ring I have been showered with compliments. I am so glad I decided to purchase this ring. It cost me Rs. 1350.

Lastly the branded bracelet. Its a braided metallic bracelet with blue suede braided in the metal. It has three dangling charms to it. One studed with diamontes and two metallic plates with engraved words. It kind of weighs heavy on the wrist but can be neglected since it looks so beautiful. I got complimented on this bracelet quite alot of times. This bracelet is priced at Rs. 1995.

Here is another thing that I ordered from SK9 from the accessorise album. This is a scented nail color set consisting of 5 colors and has pastel shades. When I saw it in the pictures I really liked it and wanted to order it right away. However I missed it the first time and when I ordered it again its priced at Rs. 1645 now.

Ummmm.... I'll say that I am a little disappointed by this nail color set. Firstly the bottles are not full. These bottles are already miniature size and on top of that they are half empty. Secondly the nail colors are quite thick, as if they are on the verge of beginning to dry out. So when I apply them I get these straex of brush application on my nails. Though I like the colors, they are quite pigmented and smell nice too.

These light blue earings were a complimentary gift from SK9. I loved these earigns. They are so chic and sleek. I wore these to work and got such nice compliments as to how nice they are looking. I wore long earings after a real long time, I had forgotten how well they suit me ;) These earings have suede strips and feather like really tiny srips and blue and white beads. The yare really light weight and one can hardly feel wearing them.

Overall I have had a great shopping experience with SK9 and would love to shop more with her. If you have not shopeed with her yet then you must to get your hands on the lovely jewellery she has. Hope you liked my stuff. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!


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