Sunsilk Re-style Aqua Spray

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Hi Beauties!

Who likes those stray baby hair? Do you like them popping out on your head when you are all ready and set to go with a neatly made hair style? Well, No! I do not like them and I am sure no body else does either. How do you manage your strays and keep your hair style fix in place? I tried Sunsilk Re-style Aqua spray. Did it work for me? Read further to find out...

Sunsilk Aqua Spray comes in a plastic transparent spray bottle. The content is 150 ml and is a transparent liquid spray. The bottle is sleek and quite an eye catcher. The back of the bottle has instructions on using the product. What attracted me to this product was its packaging, the sleek and stylish design of the product.

Coming to my experience of this product, I like this product. The best feature for me is that its an aqua spray, which means, that it leaves no oiliness or residue on the hair. Hair feel normal and perfectly shiny and smooth after its application just like it has never been applied. It smooths down any stray hair and helps maintaining the style. However do not expect it to work as a hair spray or as a hair gel. It has a very light control over the hair unlike gels and sprays with strong holds. It helps you in managing your style nut not setting your hair style. There is a very light fragrance to it which is a plus point for me since it keeps the hair smelling nice and fresh :)
Sunsilk aqua spray is very convenient to use. All I do is hold the bottle at a distance of 10 to 12 cms and spray a very little amount of it on my hair. Usually one to two sprays are more than enough and Voila! my strays and baby hair are all settled and within my control.
The only thing I do not like about this spray is that after some time like after 5 to 6 hours hair tend to feel a little greasy. The greasy effect is not very prominent but one can feel that hair have become a little oily. Other than this I did not find any drawbacks associated to this product.
Do I recommend? Yes! If your hair are easily manageable and require less effort then this is a good product for you. I purchased it from RIOS located in Hyperstar Lahore for Rs. 375. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and tell me if any of you have tried this product before. How did your experience go with it? Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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