|Review|: Golden Rose Rich Color Nail Lacquer in 31

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Hi Beauties!

Just when I decide that I have enough nail colors in my collection something new pops up in the market which tempts and itches me to buy it. This time it was the review done by Marib which urged me to buy the new range of Golden Rose nail colors, not that I am complaining. I am glad I did.

Golden Rose rich color nail lacquer in 31

I have used Golden Rose nail colors before. I must say they have quite a collection and variety and are economical too. But this new range of theirs is just awesome. I came to know about the new range through Marib's blog, she reviewed it some months back and I knew I just had to check these out. So I went to Al-fatah few days after her post and chose 3 nail colors from their rich color range. 

Golden Rose Rich color nail lacquer in 31

Too bad these colors are not named rather they are numbered which makes it difficult to remember the shades. The one I am reviewing today is 31 and is a lovely dark purple shade. Its very similar to Revlon's bold sangria (I have it and will review it soon and compare them both too). So if anyone is looking for a dupe of Bold Sangria, Golden Rose's shade 31 it is at a much less price. 

Golden Rose Rich color nail lacquer in 31

The best feature about this new range is its applicator brushes. This new range comes with a maxi brush which has thick bristles and gives a wider coverage over the nails which ultimately means less stroking.  

Golden Rose Rich color nail lacquer in 31

Golden Rose Rich color nail lacquer in 31

Here is what Golden Rose claims about its new range:

  • " One coat nail lacquer
  • Ultra shine and lasting
  • Easy application with maxi brush" 
I say I agree to all the 3 above claims. The color is richly pigmented. One coat serves the purpose. It dries fast which means less time wastage. I am impressed with the lasting ability, it lasted 4 days on me without chipping. As for the easy application part, yes, its very convenient to apply the nail color. 

Golden Rose Rich color nail lacquer in 31

Golden Rose Rich color nail lacquer in 31

I took the above pictures without flash. Flash was not giving out the true nail color. The result you see above is after two coats. Its gives a total opaque coverage over the nails. These nail colors are priced at Rs. 275 and are available in almost all departmental stores that carry Golden Rose brand. You won't face difficulty finding these. 

I am rating it a 5/5 and totally recommend giving this new range a try. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and tell me what you think of Golden Rose nail alcquers. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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