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Hi Beauties!

Today I present you my favorite Winter product. Although its a little late to do this post but nonetheless I wanted to do it since the product is not limited to be used in Winter only. Winters bring us dry, flaky skin that gets scratch easily. Skin is parched and needs to be moisturized and hydrated. I always opted for using body lotions and body butters, this time however, I tried something different. Read further to find out what I am talking about. 

Neutrogena Body Oil

We are all aware of the benefits of body oils that can be used for massages, joint pains and what not. These oils have the tendency to hydrate and moisturize the skin as well. I never had the inclination of applying oil on my body after taking a shower as it would make the skin oily, and, pointless taking the shower. But neutrogena body oil presented another idea. There are two ways to use this oil. One is using it after the shower or bath i.e. by applying it on the body after taking shower and the other is using it in the bath i.e. to mix it in water and bathing in that water. I went for the latter. 

Neutrogena Body Oil - Back view

Neutrogena body oil comes in a 260 ml plastic bottle with a pop up lid for convenient usage. The bottle is quite large which means it isn't travel friendly. I wish neutrogena comes up with a smaller size of this bottle to make it more travel friendly and also to give the option of using the smaller bottle first to see how it works for an individual. 

Neutrogena Body Oil

The oil looks a little yellow in the bottle but when poured on the palm its transparent, the yellowish hue is very light. The oil isn't dense, its very light and flowy. 

Neutrogena Body Oil

I squeeze the bottle a little into the water bucket and mix it well in the water. Although oil and water don't mix but still it gives me the feeling as if the oil has mixed well into the water. The oil has a light sesame scent which is pleasant. Its not highly fragrant and lasts only for an hour or two on the body. However it does make the bath pleasant. 

After my showers I felt as if my body is naturally moisturized. My skin did not feel dry or flakey at all. Using body lotions or body butters is a holy routine for me. I just can not skip it as my skin gets so dry that it itches. But after my showers I skipped using them quite alot of times and my skin was pretty okay. The effect of the oil lasts a day, after that you can take another bath or simply use body lotion instead. The reason it made to my OH MY GOD posts is that it worked really well for my dry skin and I am rating it a 5/5. The oil is priced at Rs. 775 and is available nation wide at all stores that sell Neutrogena products. You can check out latest updates on Neutrogena products through their Facebook page. You can also order it online from .Hope you liked my review. Drop in your feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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