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Hi Beauties!

I had been getting these texts on my mobile that Lifestyle has a sale going on and I was so tempted to check it out. I purchased two anklets, a skin care gift set and some home decor products. I shall be showing the bath products in another post but let me know if you are interested in seeing the home decor products I purchased, I would do an exclusive post on them. After all its an up to 60% sale going on. Read further to check out my new stylish anklets. 

Anklet from Lifestyle 

The first anklet is gold colored with white transparent stones like zircons dangling in hollow circles. The chain of the anklet is quite thin and sleek which looks very feminine but at the same time requires careful handling as it might break.

Anklet from Lifestyle

Anklet from Lifestyle

The next anklet is also gold colored with hollow circles design and a heart embedded with stones dangling right in the middle. This one seems a little sturdier than the other one but none the less is delicate at the same time. 

Dangling heart anklet

Dangling heart anklet

Dangling heart anklet

I equally love both the anklets as I am crazy for anklets and love wearing them everyday. Some how I find them very feminine and sexy. These anklets are really stylish and I am wearing them alternately everyday to work. I received quite a lot of compliments on them from my colleagues which is what every girl expects for her new things ;) don't we??? The dangling heart anklet is priced at Rs. 655 and the other one Rs. 465, a little expensive, but totally worth the price. 

Hope you liked my new jewelry items. Drop in your comments to let me know your feedback, as I love reading your comments, they make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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