International Foundation and Garments (IFG) Bra in Vanilla

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Hi Beauties!

Emmm... its been quite some time now that I have not posted anything on inner wears. I tend to get lazy at times (well mostly). This is my very first time that I purchased a bra of IFG brand. The brand is well known in Pakistan and is opted by many women. Read further to find out how my experience has been with this brand. 

IFG bra WHP 01 in vanilla

IFG bras come in a thin cardboard box wrapped in plastic with a detailed size chart and measuring instructions on the back. I'd say putting measuring instructions is a good idea since many women are still unaware of finding the correct fitting bra. 

IFG bra WHP 01 in vanilla

Measuring instructions on the back of the bra pack

Inside the pack is the bra I purchased in vanilla color. Although the color appears to be white in the pictures due to flash light but it actually is vanilla colored, neither pure white nor off white, somewhere in between the two. The model number for this bra is |Fashion 01 WHP|. Its available in black, skin, natural and vanilla colors in cup sizes B and C and size: 32 - 36 inches / 70 - 80 cms. 

IFG bra WHP 01 in vanilla

Its an under wired bra which means there are semi circle rods underneath the bra that provide support to the bust and gives it a nice proper shape. It has laced upper corners which I find cute. There are three hook attachments at the back to vary the size and also the straps can be adjusted from the shoulders according to comfort. 

IFG bra WHP 01 in vanilla

Coming to my experience of wearing this bra I'd say I liked it. Its very comfortable and gives a non existent feeling. I hardly feel wearing it. Plus the under wires are very comfortable and do not bite me at all. The sole reason of this comfort is choosing the correct size. Please make sure to choose the right size for yourself when buying a bra to ensure proper fitting and comfort. 

If you still have not tried anything from IFG, I recommend you giving this brand a try. This particular bra is priced at Rs. 1695 which is a little steep for the bra I'd say. I purchased mine from Enem Liberty Market. Its also available at Raja Sahib, Al-Fattah, Victoria, Roop Singhar and many other stores carrying IFG items. Hope you liked my quick review. Feel free to drop in your comments as I love reading your feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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