|Review|: Eveline Cosmetics Goat's Milk Intensive Mask

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Hi Beauties!

Sometime back I spotted a new kiosk at Enem with a variety of skin care products only. The products had a lot of natural ingredients and different ones. Since I love to try and experiment over my skin with new products I chose Eveline's goat's milk mask. Read further to find out my experience with this product. 

Eveline Cosmetics Goat's milk intensive mask
Company preview:

Eveline Cosmetics is a Polish brand that was established in 1983 and nowadays it is one of the major cosmetic producers in Poland. They ecompass wide spectrum of products - from makeup to face and body care. For more than 29 years they have been selling their products in more than 70 countries all over the world. 

Eveline Cosmetics Goat's milk intensive mask
The salesgirl at Enem was on me praising the brand and asking me to try any of its product to see the results. I wasn't sure at first but you know how I have this bug in me which bites me to try out every new thing out in the market so I told her that I want something for my dry skin. She suggested me to try Goat's milk mask. 

Here is what Eveline Cosmetics claims for its mask:

"The rejuvenating and regenerating mask with nourishing effect is designated for care of dry and sensitive skin. Thanks to the concentrated contents of goat's milk, wheat germ oil, elastin and the complex of A, E, F and H vitamins, the mask has unique conditioning, rejuvenating and moisturizing properties. The mask perfectly refreshes, smoothes and firms the skin for a long time. It provides intense and instant care for the face of face, neck, decollete. It strengthens the skin's natural resistance and is a perfect complement for everyday care."

Active Ingredients:
  • Goat's milk
  • Wheat germ oil
  • Pro-elastin
  • Vitamin A, E, F, H
  • Skin perfectly moisturized upto 93%
  • Improvement of firmness and elasticity of skin upto 86%
  • Reduction of the number and depth of wrinkles upto 75%
  • Rested, full of energy and radiant complextion, 97%
These are some very high claims and effects the company admits to. Lets see what my experience says about this product. 

Eveline Cosmetics Goat's milk intensive mask
Eveline Cosmetics Goat's milk mask comes in pastic paper pack in double packaging. You can not opt to buy a single one as they don't sell single. Each pack contains 6ml of the product which is hardly enough to cover the face. The mask has a very tight quantity and you need to be careful while the application. A little excess here and there and you won't be left with enough to cover the whole face. 

Eveline Cosmetics Goat's milk intensive mask - swatch
The mask is white in color and is thick like a cream. The consistency is neither thick nor runny. It has a mild fragrance to it which is quite tolerable. It sure provides the feel of milk with its fragrance and appearance. The plastic packaging makes it very travel friendly, convenient to pop it in your purse and carry around. 

Eveline Cosmetics Goat's milk intensive mask - swatch
My Experience:

When I first used this product I wasn't pleased with the results. I mean I couldn't figure out what the outcome was after its use. The second time I used it, the results were very obvious and I loved what it did to my skin. I followed the instructions and let it stay on my skin for 10 - 15 minutes and rinsed my face with water. I found my skin to be smooth, very soft and squeaky clean. Although the mask is cream like but its very light and does not weigh down the skin. Upon washing it does not leave any greasy residue which makes it good for oily skins, I have a dry to combination skin. It most definitely moisturizes the skin, provides a radiance and softens the skin. However I haven'e noticed any wrinkle reduction since I have used it twice only. Maybe constant use may lead to wrinkle reduction as well however I can not comment on it at this stage. The only setback I experienced with this product is the results are not long lasting. You may notice the difference to last for a day or so and that is it. The effects are short lived. Plus the product quantity is very less. I couldn't use it on my neck. 






            Rs. 95 for both packs


I purchased mine from Enem store. I have seen its kiosk at Raja Sahib as well. 



Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments as I love reading your lovely feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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