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Beautiful hair is the dream of every girl. Whether long or short, every girl desires healthy and bouncy hair. I am no different. In my search of finding the perfect shampoo for myself I stumbled upon Lakme's Teknia range. Read further to find out my experience with Teknia deep care range. 

Lakme Teknia deep care shampoo, Lakme Teknia deep care conditioner, Lakme Teknia deep care drops
I could find three items in Teknia deep care range.

1. Lakme Teknia deep care shampoo
2. Lakme Teknia deep care conditioner
3. Lakme Teknia deep care drops

Lakme Teknia deep care shampoo

Firstly, coming to the deep care shampoo, the bottle contains 300 ml of the shampoo. The shampoo comes in a pretty tall sturdy plastic bottle made of good solid plastic material. The bottle is thin and tall. I had difficulty placing it on my bathroom shelf as the height wouldn't fit, so I had to place it in front of the bathroom window :/ The bottle is heavy and large which makes it least travel friendly. I am not aware if this comes in a travel size packaging. What appealed me to opt for this range was the outlook of the bottles. These bottles looked like something formulated after quite a lot of experimentation and scientific research to me. 

Lakme Teknia deep care shampoo

Here is what Lakme claims for its Teknia deep care shampoo:

"Lakme Teknia deep care shampoo is a restoring shampoo. It gently cleanses, deeply nourishes, reconstructs and repairs hair from the inside, leaving hair ultra soft."

Active agents:

Abyssinian oil (rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids): Provides in depth moisturizing without oiliness. Hair recovers its natural properties: strength, softness and shine. Improves combing. 

Caramides: Restore and repair hair fibre by adhering to the cellualr cement of keratin. hair restored from roots to ends. 

The shampoo itself is slightly yellowish in color and is of moderate consistency. Its neither runny nor thick like a gel. It lies somewhere in between. The shampoo doesn't lather very well and requires to be used in a greater amount if you are someone like me who doesn't get satisfied unless there is loads of lather. The shampoo has a slight fruity smell which stays all day long. 

Lakme Teknia deep care shampoo - swatch
Next in the line is Lakme Teknia deep care conditioner. Notice the drops on the bottle? The shampoo had single drop under the text Teknia and 1 written on it. The conditioner has two drops with 2 written in them. After shampooing comes the conditioning part. The conditioner bottle is exactly similar to the shampoo one with same content size and outlook. Just as the shampoo is a restructuring shampoo for dry and brittle hair, its a restoring conditioner for dry and brittle hair. 

Lakme Teknia deep care conditioner
Here is what Lakme says for its deep care conditioner:

" Restoring conditioner for dry and brittle hair. Deep conditioning and moisturizing for dry and brittle hair. Provides intense softness. Detangles and delivers hair manageability. Its light texture permits daliy use."

Lakme Teknia deep care conditioner

Just like the shampoo, the conditioner is also slightly yellowish. However it has a thicker consistency compared to the shampoo. It doesn't lather at all and is hard to gel in with the hair. During the application it feels as if it has completely dried out the hair but upon rinsing it leaves the hair soft and smooth. It also has a slight fruity smell similar to the shampoo. 

Lakme Teknia deep care conditioner - swatch
Lid of lakme Teknia deep care shampoo & conditioner
Lastly I have the lakme Teknia deep care drops, my most favorite item from the range. These drops are to be used on dry hair after shampooing and conditioning. I have mostly used it on wet hair right after shampooing and conditioning before combing them. 

Lakme Teknia deep care drops
Here is what Lakme claims for its Teknia deep care drops:

"Repairing lotion for dry or damaged hair. The filmogenic effect of the essential oil it includes, repairs by smoothing damaged ends. Creates a barrier against external damage to prevent hair breakage. Provides an exceptionally shiny finish."

Lakme Teknia deep care drops
Lakme Teknia deep care drops come in a 100 ml sturdy plastic bottle which is travel friendly and strong enough to withstand rough use. It has a pump spray which makes it all the more easy to use. It has a very light fruity fragrance which is hardly noticeable. The drops are transparent in color with a watery oily texture. I require 2 pump squirts to cover my wet hair. It provides an instant film of oil coverage over the hair which makes it very easy to detangle and comb hair. The shine it brings on the hair is quite noticeable. The drops are very light and do not weigh down the hair neither they make the hair oily or greasy. Infact my palms absorb the leftover oil and do not make them greasy at all. It can be used as a hair protecting serum as well before ironig or curling hair. 

Lakme Teknia deep care drops
Summing up my experience I would say I overall liked the effect this range brought to my hair. I disliked that the shampoo and conditioner do not lather well and require greater amounts of usage. Among the 3, the drops are my most favorite. I ran out of the shampoo quite fast followed by the conditioner and am still using the drops since they require to be used in very small quantity. The shampoo is priced at Rs. 855, conditioner Rs. 1005 and the drops Rs. 810. The only reason I would not opt for them again is the high price factor. Other than that I did not find any negativity as they suited my hair pretty well when I was going through a major hair fall stage. 






Yes, I would repurchase the drops but not the shampoo and conditioner since the price is quite steep for my pocket. 


I purchased these from Enem store. You can also find this range at Raja Shaib Liberty and Link Road Model Town outlets. 

Hope you liked my detailed review. Drop in your feedback to share your views with me as I love to read your feedback. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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