|Haul|: Buying Tids Bits from Haroon's

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Hi Beauties!

My monthly hauls are never complete unless I buy something from Haroon's. With the arrival of Winters, I have lately shopped a lot from Haroon's and haven't shared all with you. However this month's purchases, I am sharing with you at the earliest. So here is what I purchased this month. 

Haul from Haroon's
For the last 2 months I am noticing that Haroon's is giving away clutches at dirt cheap, throw away prices. The clutches are of fine quality and I have seen quite a few similar designs being sold at other Facebook stores for double/tripple the price. So far I have purchased 3 clutch bags from Haroon's in recent months out of which I bought one for my friend. The one you see below is a formal one I purchased to be used at an upcoming wedding. 

Purple formal silk clutch

Its a purplish/mauve clutch made of silk cloth with a silver hard rim. The fabric is quite soft and the clutch itself is spacey. Its priced at Rs. 495 only. 

Purple formal silk clutch
I wear specs, I'm far sighted and require specs and it has been this way for more than a decade now. I have broken quite a lot of specs in this time frame all because I did not have hard cases for my glasses. Its been a few years that I learnt my lesson and started using hard case to keep my glasses. Recently I spotted these beautiful spec cases in different colors and bought one in peacock blue. 

Hard case for spectacles

Hard case for spectacles
 Bunch of bobby pins with very strong grip. A must have for styling!

Bobby pins

Pink moustache necklace

Plastic ring

Blue moustache ring

Now coming to the prices of these items:

1. Purple clutch Rs. 495
2. Spec case Rs. 195
3. Bobby pins set Rs. 195 each
4. Pink moustache necklace Rs. 395
5. Rings Rs. 145 each

Hope you liked my haul. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me as I love to skim through your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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