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Hi Beauties!

This is going to be my last handbag purchase for the year 2013. I spotted this bag last week when I went to Haroon's with my cousin for her shopping spree. Since it was her time to shop I did not buy anything. However later I purchased this bag which I had marked on my previous visit. Although I have no shortage of black hand bags in my collection yet I opted for a black one for different reasons. Read further to find more about this bag. 

Black crocodile patterned bag
This medium sized crocodile patterned bag is available in different colors like green, blue etc and also in plain leather with no crocodile patterns. As I was looking at these bags, the most elegance was depicted by the black one. Since I love the crocodile pattern I opted for this one plus black bags are easily manageable since they don't highlight marks and usage depreciation compared to other colors. 

Black crocodile patterned bag

Side pose

The bag is moderate sized, neither too big nor too small. It has a narrow fitting at the bottom from the sides but has a wider pit and a wider top. The bag is button close with an additional leopard printed zip pouch inside. The inner lining of the bag is bright orange and in leather like material. 

The inner pouch is made of glossy soft material which I do not like since I believe it will start wearing out quite soon. Lets see!

Inner pouch

The inner pouch contains a zipper pocket and a mobile pocket and another adjacent pocket along with the mobile pocket. The pouch is quite spacey. 

Inner pouch

Inner pouch

Along with the pouch the bag comes with a long shoulder strap and a miniature bag.

Long strap and miniature bag

What I loved the most about this handbag is, it comes with a miniature bag. Its a small sized mini bag where I can put small tids and bits, probably coins, USB, keys. The feasibility of this miniature pouch for me is that sometimes I do not feel like carrying the whole bag so I can put cash and my cell phone in it and off I go. 

Miniature bag 

Miniature bag 
Black crocodile patterned bag

I have always been satisfied with my handbags purchase from Haroon's. They have never disappointed me. Same is the case with this handbag as well. I am happy with my purchase. In short, its elegant, classy and stylish all at the same time. Its the perfect medium sized bag I had been looking for which is neither broad and wide nor too narrow to fit in anything. I can put all my things conveniently inside it. The miniature handbag is another plus for me. 






             Rs. 1795 


Haroon's outlets 

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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