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Hi Beauties!

Say hello to my newest obsession which is "traditional jewelry" these days. In a way it was a peer pressure and I have fallen quite hard for it. So much so, that it no longer remains peer pressure rather has become my own obsession. Here are a few tids and bits I purchased from here and there. 


The pendant in the picture below has been purchased from a local shop in Liberty market. Its a beautiful pendant in Sindhi, Rajasthani style and was an instant love for me. Its etching is so fine and beautiful plus the traditional touch adds an extra oomph to it. You won't believe the pendant is priced at Rs. 250 only. 

Rajasthani pendant - front

Rajasthani pendant - back
According to the shopkeeper, these silver jhumkis are typical Indian style and very much in demand. The white beads are also available in different colors. I saw them in black, purple and green as well. I received quite a lot of good compliments from my fellow colleagues. These jhumkis have been purchased from a local vendor at Link Road Model Town. My colleague was the first one to visit this guy, when the rest of us saw her shopping, we all rushed to him as well. These are priced at Rs. 150. 

Silver Indian jhumki
Oh I love these small sized golden colored jhumkis. They are also Indian style and according to the vendor, from India too. I just love the style, designing and color combination. They can be worn formally and semi formally but not really casually. These are priced at Rs. 250 (dirt cheap I would say). 

Golden jhumkis
These multi colored jhumkis are also Indian according to the vendor. Although not very neat but they look very traditional and colorful. These have been his hot selling items and he just was not dropping the price. I bargained and finally got them for Rs. 300. These are also available in round shape in many color variants and combinations. 

Multi colored jhumkis

Multi colored jhumkis
This pendant along with the chain is a gift from a friend from Thailand. The pendant opens up to be a pendant watch. I love the vintage style of the pendant. 

Vintage pendant watch

Vintage pendant watch 
I purchased this small size Marilyn Monroe tin box from Haroon's for Rs. 70.

Marilyn Monroe tin box

Marilyn Monroe tin box
I feel this necklace is beyond my age but I just love funky stuff which is why I bought it and I also love wearing it. I love the neon pink "LOVE" written like that. Although its a little heavy and weighs on my neck but I choose to ignore it. The necklace is priced at Rs. 695. 

"Love" locket in pink
Lastly I have two bracelets made of lace. In my Mum's words "Hmph! wearing lace as bracelets and necklaces was just left out to see. That is no more the case hmmm..." When I saw big lace neck chokers I also felt the same as my mum but when I noticed the bracelets, I sort of liked them. They appeared to be very vintage to me for some reason and look pretty when worn. One of them is a bracelet along with a ring while the second one is just a bracelet. They are priced at Rs. 295 each. 

Lace bracelet

Lace bracelet
Here is what I purchased to add into my jewelry collection. Hope you liked my haul. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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