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Hi Beauties!

BB creams are so much in demand these days are quite popular for what they do. Many of us are not aware what BB means and what is it all about. BB stands for Blemish Balm. BB creams are a blend of several things. They serve as a moisturizer, foundation, UV protectant, concealer and also a whitener. Some BB creams also offer anti acne agents. BB cream has a skin rejuvenating properties. It provides a flawless finish to your skin and eliminates the need to use so many other products. The properties differ from brand to brand. I got myself a BB cream by Dreamgirl a product line of 4U2 cosmetics and it happens to be the first BB cream in my stash.

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics
Dream girl Faith BB cream comes in a plastic wrap with transparent front and a bright pink back. The back of the pack has usage and safety instructions printed. The BB cream itself comes in a small white plastic tube packaging which is very travel friendly and portable.

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics

The tube has a nozzle which allows a controlled amount to come out of the tube. The faith BB cream has a runny consistency and one has to be careful while taking out the liquid from the tube. Sometimes it splashes out suddenly, I have experienced it dropping on the floor and on my vanity several times. The runny consistency is a real turn off in this case. Moreover the screw cap isn't very sturdy so I feel insecure keeping it in my purse fearing the lid might come off and I'll end up with a bag smeared with BB cream all over the insides.

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics
Here is a swatch of the cream. Although the cream looks like it has a thicker consistency, it does to an extent but it still is quite runny. The shade is suitable for ivory to light beige skin tones, shades darker than these skin tones might find the faith BB cream inappropriate for them. Its only suitable for light complexions.

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics - swatch
There is a clear difference between before and after application pictures over my hand. The picture below is the true complexion of my hand these days and the picture below this picture depicts the after results of application of faith BB cream.

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics - Before

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics - After

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics - before

Dream girl BB cream bu 4U2 cosmetics - after
The before and after application pictures you see above of my face are the true representatives of this BB cream. The after application picture shows a piled up swatch of the cream. I applied the cream twice to make its application visible. If you take a look at the above picture closely, you can see a visible difference between my jaw line and neck at the lower left corner of the picture. The BB creams serves as a light moisturizer for humid weather. If you are someone living in a humid area and do not want a heavy application of the foundation then this is the perfect BB cream for you. it serves as a moisturizer along with a touch of color to give a natural and neat look. However it does not cover the imperfections and marks over the skin.

Blending the cream might be a little problem. I find the cream hard to blend despite its runny consistency. Its probably due to the fact that the shade is not an exact match for my skin. I think the shade of BB cream is a shade lighter for me which is why I only apply it once over my face to give a natural moisturized look to my face and I am done.



When I purchased it, the cream was priced at Rs. 430


You can find it at all stores that carry 4U4 kiosks. I bought it from True Line cosmetics, City Towers. Its also available at Enem store, Al-fatah and Victoria Departmental Store.

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. XOXO!

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