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What is the ultimate dream of every girl in this scorching weather? I know, its to have a flawless base/foundation that stays matte through and through with no oily patches. I dream of this perfect moment often and to achieve my dream and turn it into a reality I have tried a number of products. I am about to review one such product today. 

Essence soft touch mousse in # 02 - Soft beige
When I purchased Essence soft touch mousse, mousse foundations and blush ons were quite a rage at that time since they were penetrating the market here in Pakistan. Maybelline mousse blushes were quite popular at that time. To quench my curiosity I decided to try on Essence's soft touch mousse foundation to see what a mousse foundation does and how its different from other types of foundations. Another thing that made me opt for it was its pocket friendly price. 

Essence soft touch mousse in # 02 - Soft beige

Essence soft touch mousse comes in a 16 gms glass jar which is compact in size perfect for travelling, however the weight of the jar tends to be a bit on the heavier side. It has a beige color screw cap and the product is nicely swirled in the jar. I think there are 4 to 6 variants shades, the one I have is in # 02 - Soft beige color. 

Essence soft touch mousse in # 02 - Soft beige

Essence soft touch mousse in # 02 - Soft beige

The product is neatly swirled inside the glass jar and upon touch gives a sponge like feeling. Upon swatching the product, it gives a crumbly feeling and one needs to be careful upon application. The feel of product is like it has silicone in it. Most of the primers have silicone in them which makes them appear to have a slippery, velvety feeling, same is the case with this mousse. I feel it glides smoothly on the skin as if its barely touching my skin. 

Essence soft touch mousse in # 02 - Soft beige - swatch
The under tone of the mousse is orange/yellow which makes it very suitable for Asian skin tones, however people with ivory skin tones might look tan and pale. The limited number of shades might make the selection a little hard too. 

Essence soft touch mousse in # 02 - Soft beige - swatch blended lightly
What I hate the most about products that come in a jar is using the product by sweeping fingers inside. The fear of contamination is always there but the foremost thing is the lazy feeling that I would have to wash my hands again or I might mess up my dress with moussey hands. So I prefer using a foundation brush, a makeup sponge or the ever famous my Sigma F80 for foundation application. 

A synthetic foundation brush might not be a good choice for applying the mousse as it crumbles easily and blending can become a lot difficult. I personally prefer a wet sponge for blending it in or Sigma F80 as my second option. Both work great, sponge for easier blending and F80 for those nooks around the nose and laugh lines. 

Essence soft touch mousse in # 02 - Soft beige - Best way of application

Before application

After application
Mousse foundations are great for light to sheer coverage and are also build able to some extent. Moisturize your face before application as it settles on to the skin and might accentuate the pores, patches and lines. It glides on smoothly on the skin but blending is a bit tricky as it settles on to the skin. However it gives a good light coverage over the skin but will not make the marks disappear on the skin. It stays matte for good four to five hours on my skin in this weather with the help of a setting powder. It is transferable and you might notice it transferring on your hand upon rubbing your face. My T zone starts to feel oily after four hours but nothing a powder can't fix. Over all its a decent mousse foundation and I find myself reaching for it every other day. For the price and quality its a good product to give a try. 





         Rs. 790


You can find it easily in all super stores carrying Essence kiosks and you can also order it online from  Jsut4girls


Its a good summer foundation that keeps you matte for a good amount on time and does not weigh much on the pocket either. 

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your feedback and share your views with me, your comments make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care. XOXO!

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