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Hi Beauties!

Woah! It feels really long that I have not gotten in touch with my blog and blog family, been real busy with so many guests dwelling at my place and playing nice to them. Man! it gets way too tough when you have a regular 9 to 5.30 job and when you get back home you have to play nice with the guests and take them out for fun. This is what has been up with me for the last two months which is the cause of my long disappearance. That being said, I have something new to review on my blog today. 

After running out on my RSL Hydra white whitening facial wash, I opted for a new one. It goes by the name of Koee. The brand is relatively new in Pakistan and has been launched officially. I recently saw their billboard right next to Shell petrol pump on Model Town Link Road, although, I had purchased the face wash way before seeing the hoarding. So far I have seen the brand stocked at Raja Sahib and RIOS. Since I haven't been to Alfatah or Enem I am assuming its presence on these stores as well. 

Koee Lightening Facial wash
Before I begin with the review, a little about the brand. When I went to Koee's website it has a whole lot of company history but written in some language other than English, I couldn't figure out what language it is so I'll skip with the copany introduction and move right to their claim. Here is what Koee claims about its Lightening range: 

"The KOEE™ Skin Lightening System is unique. Across the globe women of all cultures have their reasons to want to achieve beauty. One approach is to lighten the skin. KOEE™ products offer the best skincare formulation with the magic solution to lighten skin naturally.

This skin care regimen is fortified with the highest quality ingredients, including blends of natural fruit extracts and botanicals to lighten the skin evenly without blotchy results, while allowing the consumer who has beautiful skin to maintain healthy, flawless looking skin. Whatever the desire, the destination to lighten skin to a transformation that is unbelievably astonishing stops at KOEE™ brand products."

Koee Lightening Facial Wash

Coming to the lightening facial wash, it comes in a huge plastic squeeze tube with 237 ml content. I find 237 ml to be a really odd number, so not the standard packaging amount! The tube is heavy and weighs a lot in hand. I don't find it convenient at all for travelling purposes. The packaging is pretty basic with nothing outstanding or appealing about it. Still it caught my attention at the store due to it its whole range being displayed at the counter and a large variety of products. The tube has details about the facial wash with usage instructions and ingredients list. 

Here is what the brand has to say about its Lightening facial wash:

"Begin your daily facial regimen with KOEÉ™ Lightening Daily Facial Wash. This gentle oil free, deep facial wash effectively lifts and wash away deep-down dirt, bacteria and oil build-up. Contains built in moisturizers to help replenish moisture without irritating the skin Its unique formula contains natural fruity extracts to gradually fade unwanted discoloration and even skin tone for a more radiant complexion. This non-irritating facial wash leaves skin feeling fresh, moisturized and naturally balanced. Does not contain hydroquinone."

Koee Lightening facial wash

Koee Lightening facial wash
Consistency and smell

The face wash tends to have a runny consistency and the bottle being really large does not help matters. Due to its runny consistency and large tube size, the face wash usually runs out of the tube upon popping open the lid which is a turn off for me. The face wash is totally transparent in color and is simply odorless. It has no smell at all. I prefer my stuff to have some sort of fragrance, it has none. But I can live with it as long as the products provides me good results. 

Koee Lightening facial wash
My Experience:

I have been using this face wash for two to three weeks now and to be honest I personally have witnessed a lightening of at least one tone on my face. I will not solely attribute it to Koee, I am also using the famous Orglow scrub along with the face wash and its safe to say that the combination of both these products has helped me lighten my skin tone. When I initially purchased this product, I had no intention of buying it to lighten my skin tone but just because I ran out on my previous face wash. Since I love trying new and different products, my eyes rested on Koee and I opted for it. Now that I am living the results of this miraculous face wash I am loving it to a great extent. I am not making any claims on just my own behalf, my cousin, who comes to stay with me over the weekends has pointed it out several times that besides being summer season my face tone has lighten visibly and she is astonished. 

What I do not like about the face wash is its huge size, the pressure it exerts when you pop open the lid and the running of face wash out of the tube. Plus I find it a bit hard to lather. I prefer my face washes to lather a lot. Since this one does not much so I squeeze a big blob of it cover my entire face. The best way is to squeeze it on your hand and rub the palms a bit so that it lathers on your palms, then apply it to your face and massage gently. It may not lather well, yet it gives me a squeaky clean feeling once I am done towel drying my face and is also a great cleanser and a makeup remover. It easily washes out my eye makeup which a lot of facial washes have failed to do. I would have preferred it to have some sort of fragrance but its totally odorless which is also fine with me. The face wash is oil free so I am assuming it can be worth a try for people having oily skin. Mine is dry to combination and it works absolutely fine on me. I would label it as a great face wash for summer season. 





         Rs. 690


I purchased mine from RIOS, Y Block outlet, Defence but I have spotted it at Raja Sahib as well.

Final Verdict:

Must try.
Great for Summers.
Yes! it lightens skin tone. Get one Babe.

This pretty much sums up my take on the new Koee lightening facial wash. I have not been able to track down Koee's Facebook page but here is their website for you to browse. Koee has a registered domain for Pakistan which goes by, www.koee.com.pk but it says the site is under construction. May go live sometime I future. 

Hope you liked my review. Drop your feedback to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care. XOXO!

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