|Review|: RSL Hydra White Whitening Face Wash and Face Cream

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Every other day our lives are blasted by new brands coming our way. It keeps on getting harder, day by day, to look away from new things. The temptation of trying everything is so over whelming at times, and, I am someone who usually gives in to these temptations. Today I introduce one such brand which has recently set its footings in Pakistan. I saw its products on Just4girls.pk and within a few minutes I googled everything about this brand. So here is my review on RSL's hydra white range.

RSL Hydra white skin whitening face wash and face cream
Before I move further towards the review, I would like to add a few details about the brand.

"RSL is a brand of European Cosmetics Corporation and sold through pharmacies, super markets and is free of any harmful ingredients commonly found in most brands. Our mission is to create innovative formulations utilizing natural and synthetic ingredients that improve and maintain youthful skin through natural oils, flower extracts and high performance actives that repair the skin through nano technology." 

"RSL skin care is devoted to health and beauty. Our product formulation targets key skin concerns to help you achieve a radiant, healthy looking complexion. Our goal is to help you reveal radiantly youthful, flawless and impeccably smooth skin."

RSL Hydra white skin whitening face wash and face cream
RSL has three different skin treatment lines:

1. Acne be gone - for acne prone skin
2. Hydra white - skin whitening treatment
3. RSL 7 - multivitamins treatment

Out of the 3, I opted for Hydra whitening treatment due to my dry to combination skin and uneven skin tone. 

RSL Hydra white skin whitening face wash
RSL whitening face wash comes in a small sturdy plastic tube packaging in white color with a red pink lid. Its small and travel friendly, easy to carry around in the handbag with 60 ml content. I find the packaging quite appealing, its simple yet charming for me to look at.

Here is what RSL has to say about its whitening face wash:

"Hydra white whitening face wash is a skin whitener designed to remove dirt, pollution and oil build up. Visible results in 4 weeks. Clinically approved and dermatologically tested." 

RSL Hydra white skin whitening face wash - back view

RSL Hydra white skin whitening face wash
The face wash has a gel like white look with a very runny consistency. It has a mild fragrance to it which is not annoying at all. Its a cream like face wash and you may feel it not to lather much but its easier to work with small amount.

RSL Hydra white skin whitening face wash - swatch
The directions say to moisten face with luke warm water and massage the face wash on to the face and leave it there for 3 minutes, then rinse off. I tried following the instructions and leaving it for like 2 minutes but I noticed my skin drying up after its usage. So what I do now is that I apply it and massage it for a while and rinse off. Initially my skin dried up and I could feel patches forming on my skin. My colleague is getting professional hydra facials done and she was having dry patches since its a normal thing after hydra facial for the skin to peel off after wards. So I take my dry patches as a positive thing, don't know if its actually true or not. 

The face wash leaves my skin smooth and gentle to touch after pat drying my face. However it is not a good cleanser. If you are someone who is lazy like me and prefers to remove make up by the use of face wash then unfortunately this is not the face wash for you. It does not remove my eye liner and I end up getting raccoon eyes. So now, I remove my eye makeup with a makeup remover and then wash my face. 

As for the whitening effect, I honestly have not noticed much of a difference with its use. My skin for sure feels clean and smooth but not fairer. Its the perfect thing for Summers since we get to face extreme sun and this would be the perfect face wash for dry to combination skin. 

RSL Hydra white Whitening cream:

RSL Hydra white whitening cream
Just like whitening face wash, RSL whitening cream also comes in a 60 ml plastic tube packaging in red color as opposed to the face wash tube with a white lid. The cream is milky white in color and has a very thick consistency. You literally have to squeeze the tube to get small amount. Small amount is ample enough to cover the whole face in this case. 

RSL Hydra white whitening cream - back view
Here is what RSL has to say about its whitening cream:

"Hydra white whitening cream restores skin to even complexion. Immediate results in less than 7 days with best results in 4 weeks of use. Clinically approved and dermatologically tested."

RSL Hydra white whitening cream

RSL Hydra white whitening cream

RSL Hydra white whitening cream - before

RSL Hydra white whitening cream - after

As far as my experience goes with this cream. I found it very effective in the Winter season. Its very hydrating and moisturizing and immediately hydrates the skin. However, due to its thick consistency I find it hard for the cream to blend in to the skin. The cream weighs a little and settles on the skin making a small film over the face. Its not completely absorbing, and leaves a slight residue over the skin which is why I would not recommend it for people with oily skin. Its okay to be used in Summers at night but I wont be using it during the day time. 

To stay connected to the latest updates from RSL, you can like their Facebook page. RSL is available online in Pakistan from Beauty Arena and Just4girls.pk. The Face wash is priced at Rs. 95 and the whitening cream at Rs. 195. Pretty pocket friendly eh?

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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