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Hi Beauties!

Yes, again I have been MIA for quite some time. Every time when I decide to be more active on my blog, life throws the unexpected at me and I am tossed here and there with little or no time left on my hands for blogging. Half of June has already flown by and this happens to be my first post for this month. Enough of my whining, lets get on with the post. For a very long time I have seen beauty bloggers using The Balm cosmetics and reviewing them on their blogs. I so badly wanted to get my hand on Balm products but their prices is what kept me away most of the times. But Balm keeps putting sale offers from time to time and this time when they had their sale on, I ordered a few items for myself and thoroughly indulged myself. Here is what I ordered... 

The Balm Nude'tude palette, Balm Jovi palette, How bout them apples palette and no brand eye brushes
 The Nude'tude palette has been purchased from a blog sale by a beauty blogger by the name of Numra Anis. She had barely used the palette and the palette was in excellent condition with almost 95% product remaining. She sold it out to me for Rs. 2000 which is like $20. What a bargain! Thank you Numra for the amazing price.

The Balm Nude'tude palette
With the Balm sale up many Facebook stores were taking orders and were offering competitive prices. Since the sale was short lives some pages did not even get the chance to place their orders. I stumbled upon a Facebook store by the name of We Makeup Blog, she takes international cosmetic brands orders and also runs her own blog. The best part is her service and competitive price. It was the first time I placed an order with her. She charged Rs. 2600 ($26) for the Balm Jovi palette and Rs. 2300 ($23) for the How bout them apples? palette. I made 25% initial advance payment and the remaining after the arrival of order. 

The Balm Jovi palette

How bout them apples palette

Nude'tude palette

Balm Jovi palette

How bout them apples palette
Few days after I had placed my Balm order, We makeup blog uploaded pictures of non branded brushed that look just like Sigma brushes. I am a sucker when it comes to makeup brushes especially eye ones. I knew I had to try these. The prices of these brushes were beyond economical. This brush set of 4 eye taupe brushes is for Rs. 500 only. Can you believe that? I have seen these dupes brushes priced at Rs. 1500 and above on several other Facebook stores. 

Eye makeup taupe brushes
I am now a proud owner of 3 makeup palettes by Balm and feel elevated as a beauty blogger :p My shopping experience with We makeup Blog went smoothly and it was top notch. I have no complaints. I loved how my order was packed. I regret not taking pictures when the order arrived but seriously it was so packed that nothing could move inside the box and there was no threat of the palettes getting damaged. 

Next on my wishlist by Balm cosmetics is the Cindy Loumanizer. I just have to be patient and wait for another sale announcement. I encourage you all to shop from We makeup blog for a great shopping experience with great prices and timely deliveries. 

Hope you liked my haul. Drop in your feedback to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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