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Hi Beauties!

My new obsession has a lot to do with Victoria's Secret brand. Its one brand I am obsessing about these days and as a beauty blogger trying out different items of it. Some I am sharing in this haul post and a few are on their way, as in, in transit as we speak. So here is what I have bought recently. 

Victoria's Secret makeup pouch, Victoria's Secret body lotion in Love Spell
I remember using lots of Victoria's secrets bath items that I used to receive whenever a distant relative used to come from US and brought them as gifts. So my affiliation with VS comes quite naturally. Honestly, to date, all the brands I have tired VS has the most long lasting fragrance when it comes to body butters and body lotions. Since I love smelling nice, I prefer my skin care and bath items to be fragrant, which is why I opted for the body lotion in Love Spell

VS body lotion in Love Spell

VS body lotion in Love Spell

VS makeup pouch

VS makeup pouch

VS makeup pouch

VS makeup pouch
I purchased both these items form Enem store. Enem has got quite some collection of VS products. However some of them are reasonably priced while some are obnoxiously expensive. Like the VS body mists and body lotions are priced same as ones you find online. In fact they are cheaper once you add the shipping charges to online purchases. However the makeup items are exorbitantly priced and I would not recommend buying those from Enem. All VS items stocked at Enem are original. 

The body lotion is priced at Rs. 1250 for 125 ml while the makeup pouch is for Rs. 1995. Hope you liked my haul. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care. XOXO!

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