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Hi Beauties!

As you may already know almost 2 months back, I was sent a few skin care products by Jo's Organic Beauty. Its a totally organic local beauty brand and is gaining popularity quite quickly. The brand has been on aired on television channels with live demonstration of the products. I consider myself lucky to be given the chance to try out its products. Here is a review on another product that I have been using for more than a month now. 

Jo's Organic Beauty
Jo's organic turmeric mask is a blend of all natural ingredients. It promises to brighten and bring a glow to your face. The mask comes in a plastic zip lock pack. I shall not complain about the plastic packaging as its a recently started business and value addition costs money so may be at a later stage Jo might want to change the packaging, for the time plastic pack suffices. Here is what Jo has to say about its turmeric face pack

"Jo's organic face pack is made from organic fruits extracts, finely ground herbs, flowers and root powders which are sun dried and carefully blended, it can be used as cleansing scrub or as face pack for deeper exfoliation. 

Jo's organic face pack not only helps in giving you a fairer complexion, but also fights other skin problems like acne, pimples, blemishes, dark spots, tan, wrinkles, and black heads, white heads and skin tanning. 

All the ingredients used are organic and natural therefore; it does not have any harmful side effects and suits all skin types." 

Jo's organic turmeric mask

Jo's organic turmeric mask

Jo's organic turmeric mask

Make paste by adding a small amount of appropriate rose water, milk or yogurt, until the mixture achieves a smooth and creamy consistency. leave on for 20 minutes and wash off. 

Jo's organic turmeric mask
The mask comes in a powder form with lots of herbs, flowers and other organic products mixed together. I can make out a few items by their smell and feel while some are unknown to me. It isn't a very finely milled powder rather, grounded which serves as a scrub and exfoliant.

Jo's organic turmeric mask - close up 

Jo's organic turmeric mask - mixture contains milk and rose water

Jo's organic turmeric mask - creamy paste with added milk and rose water

Freshly applied on face
As you can see after drying it achieves a darker color, stretches the skin which helps in reducing wrinkles (not that I have experienced wrinkle reduction) and upon washing when you rub it off, it works as a scrub and exfoliant to remove dead skin. 

After drying - 20 minutes later

After drying - 20 minutes later

Before applying Jo's organic face mask

After the application of Jo's organic face wash
My Experience:

With so much experimentation on my skin, I at this stage know for sure that milk, turmeric and gram flour are 3 organic products that do not suit my skin type at all. Along with this, I have a dry to combination skin. The problem with having a combo skin is, you never know how it will act up with certain products and throw a tantrum. This is what happened to me when I used Jo's organic turmeric mask for an initial few days. I used to get instant itching on my face after drying my face with a towel. The itching was so severe, I could not restrain myself from doing it and it gave me slight rashes over my face around the cheeks which used to hurt wile splashing water on my face. Also the mask used to leave a greasy finish on my skin. Knowing already what the troublesome ingredient might be, I started preparing the mixture in yogurt, which instantly put a stop to the itching. My skin still feels a little greasy after drying with a towel but it does not cause any itch. 

Upon using this mask I have noticed my complexion to improve. I loose my tan, my face appears to be brighter, clean, smooth and glowing. The glow lasts about 2 - 3 days. Also it has helped me lighten spots on my face. The difference this mask has brought is evident from the pictures above. Leaving aside everything, the most clear effect that can be observed is the lightening of tan on my skin and that too with an initial use. The mask also smells right and the dominant fragrance is of gram flour. The mask weighs a little heavy on the skin and leaves a slightly greasy finish which I am considering as a slight drawback. But since my skin gets very dry in Winters, I am hoping this con will become a pro with the change in weather. 

I have been using this mask for over a month now, my findings regarding this mask are as follows:

  • Use it on alternative days and if that is not possible at least use it twice a week. 
  • Effects of the mask are not long lasting, they last about two to three days. By effect I mean the glow here. 
  • You might need to experiment a little with milk, rose water, yogurt and glycerine to find out the right combination for your skin type. 

In short, I totally recommend giving this mask a shot as it did a lot to improve my skin and I know it will do the same for you as well. The brand is currently an online Facebook based store but they have quick order processing and delivery mechanism. Here is the link to their page, its totally worth a try.






          Rs. 650


                    Online Facebook page

Final verdict:

                     Must try

Hope you liked my detailed review of the turmeric mask. In case you are already using this mask, share your review with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care. xoxo!!!

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