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Hi Beauties!

Its been really long that I did not post anything on hair care. Apart from my laziness, another reason is, I am going through a horrible hair fall phase. I even got my hair cut more than half the length and still no results. Finally I have decided to hand over the matter in the hands of professionals. Its time to see a hair expert. In between all this drastic hair fall, I have tried on different products and one of them happened to be Sunsilk's shampoo and conditioner "Lusciously thick and long" designed by Teddy Charles. Here is my take on them...

Sunsilk Lusciously thick and long Shampoo and conditioner
Before I start my post on Shampoo, I would like to mention that the Shampoo bottle I have is a special fashion edition. These bottles were launched in Summers when the Lawn frenzy takes over us Pakistanis, it was during those frantic times that Sunsilk came up with fashion editions. Mine is Sana Safinaz special. Sana Safinaz is well known name and one of the top fashion name when it comes to clothes. The bottle is white in color with paisley design in pink color all over, the normal lusciously thick and long bottle is in pink color just as the conditioner bottle. That being said, lets move on to the review.


Sunsilk Co-creations lusciously thick and long shampoo comes in a slim tall curvy plastic bottle. The bottle itself is eye catching due to the curves it has. It has a semi transparent flip lid which is tight enough. One does not experience any spills or leakages from the lid. The bottle itself is sturdy and strong. Content is 180ml-200 ml, not sure as I could not find it mentioned on the bottle. I do not find a 200 ml packaging to be considered as travel friendly. 

Sunsilk lusciously think and long shampoo - front

Sunsilk lusciously think and long shampoo - back
Here is what Sunsilk claims about its lusciously thick and long shampoo:

"Enriched with Keratin yogurt nutria complex, it gently cleanses and feeds your hair with nutrients, strengthening it from roots to tips for long, healthy and abundant hair" 

Sunsilk lusciously think and long shampoo - back
My Experience:

The idea of trying new products always tempts me as a blogger which pushes me to opt for products that I might even regret using after wards. In my search to find a new shampoo to try, I found Sunsilk and decided to give it a chance. The shampoo is of light pink color, pink color being hardly noticeable but its there. The consistency of the shampoo is runny with a nice floral smell that lingers on the hair for quite some time. The shampoo lathers well into a foam and is easy to massage on the scalp and hair. After washing my hair, I notice it leaves my hair a bit dry and tangled. I have to use a conditioner afterwards to make them smooth. I find the shampoo a little harsh because of the strong chemical composition and my hair have zero acceptance level when it comes to strong shampoos. 

Sunsilk lusciously think and long shampoo
Sunsilk Co-creation lusciously thick and strong conditioner:


The conditioner comes in a pink plastic tube with a flip lid and contains 180 ml product. The tube size is not travel friendly. 

Much like the shampoo, the conditioner is also light pink colored with same fragrance as that of the shampoo. The consistency is thick and cream like, not runny at all. See swatches below for consistency of shampoo and conditioner. 

Sunsilk lusciously thick and long conditioner

Sunsilk lusciously thick and long conditioner - swatch

Sunsilk lusciously thick and long conditioner
My Experience:

The conditioner is really thick which makes it quite easy to work on hair. I pour a generous amount of the product on my hand, rub my palms together and massage it on to my hair avoiding touching the scalp. The conditioner is meant to be used on the ends of hair and not the roots. Then I rinse my hair and it leaves my hair soft and smooth, tangle free. 

Sunsilk lusciously thick and long conditioner - swatch

Sunsilk lusciously thick and long conditioner - swatch

Sunsilk lusciously think and long shampoo - swatch

Sunsilk lusciously think and long shampoo - swatch

Here is to conclude, if you are looking for a basic shampoo that washes your hair and cleans them off dirt and grime then Sunsilk lusciously thick and long shampoo and conditioner are your products to go for. These being really pocket friendly are a winner if you have no hair problems. Do not expect it to bring any improvement to your hair coz it wont, its just a basic shampoo. 






Shampoo: Rs. 180
Conditioner: Rs. 175


Sunsilk shampoos are being manufactured locally and are easily available across the nation from any small or big store. I purchased mine from Enem store. 

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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