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Hi Beauties!

Every once in a while, we all cross our paths with some product that is not worth our while. The product looks very appealing from its out look and promises to bring comfort and ease in to your life but unfortunately, quite miserably fails to do so. Today, I am reviewing one such product in my WHAT THE FUDGE post. Read further to find out more about this disappointing product...

Pretty smooth smoothing mitts
Pretty smooth is I suppose quite a familiar brand as I have seen its products almost everywhere, from small local store to departmental store and retail stores. They have quite a variety of products when it comes to hair depletion. Anything that provides me the opportunity of removing hair with zero hassle and provides instant results is a must have product for me since I tend to have fast body hair growth. For this sole reason I opted for these smoothing mitts and also for the cover of the product :p 


The product comes in a thin cardboard with product logo and usage directions and warnings. The package is quite thin and can easily be placed in the handbag for travelling purposes. Inside the cardboard are 3 mitts wrapped individually in transparent plastic wraps. 

Pretty smooth smoothing mitts

Pretty smooth smoothing mitts

The mitts are shaped in such a manner that it provides an easy grip over the hands. The mitts have a rough texture like sand paper which help in hair removal and exfoliation of the skin at the same time. 

Pretty smooth smoothing mitts

Pretty smooth smoothing mitts

Pretty smooth smoothing mitts

The usage is fairly simple. Take a mitt out of the plastic wrap and insert it over your hand as shown in the picture below. Now rub in circular motions 5-6 times over the surface where hair removal is desired. Rub 5-6 times clockwise and 5-6 times anti clock wise. Make sure the movements are circular and not up and down. Then wipe the surface with a wet towel. 

Since my arms began to itch, I washed my arms under running water. 

How to use the mitt

How to use the mitt
The below picture depicts the condition of the mitt after one use. The sandy surface tends to smooth out a little and does not feel very rough. As per the details mentioned on the pack the white powder is actually the hair turned into dust with all the rubbing and exfoliation. The white dust is quite visible in the picture below. Quite honestly I did not experience any hair turning to dust at all. I feel its some sort of chemical powder already present on the mitt which removes hair from the surface. I believe the hair has to be very thin, like fine hair to be removed by this mitt. Frankly, it did not work at all on my arms or anywhere. The product failed to deliver in the least bit. The mitts can be reused from 2 to 3 times but I did not get the chance to attempt so as they straightly went in to the bin after delivering zero results. 

Mitt after one use





         Rs. 210 approx $2


Easily available in the local market at all stores.


Do not buy it. I repeat, do not buy it.....

I hope you liked my review on the smoothing mitts. The reason of doing this review was to save all from wasting their money on a product that does not deliver at all. Since its an easily available product almost at all stores, its quite easy at times to get tempted and pick it from the racks. The product did not work for me at all and the views expressed in this post are based on my sole experience. If this product worked for you please do not hesitate to let me know and share your experience with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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