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Hi Beauties!

The new year has begun and I am sure it must have started with a few resolutions at least. Mine is, less shopping like the past year and the year before that. Today I am bringing you my first haul post of the year 2015. Essence Pakistan recently launched a new trend edition by the name of "Road Trip", its not available in stores at Lahore so far so I had to order a few items online. Here is what I ordered. 

Essence Road trip brush set, dry shampoo, wet wipes, twist-able lipstick
I personally find the Road Trip trend to be quite practical. Keeping in mind, what items one might need on the road, the trend items are perfect. Take a look at the wet wipes below. Wet wipes are something I always carry with me in my handbag. You never know when the need might arise to use them. They are perfect when you are travelling. You might need to wipe your hands or your face to get a clean and refreshed feel. 

The tiny pack contains 15 wipes and the added benefit is, these wipes are perfumed, which means, they not only give you a nice clean feeling but also leave you smelling nice. 

Essence Road Trip wet wipes

Essence Road Trip wet wipes
My top most priority in getting anything from Road trip trend was this travel size brush set. I carry compact sized makeup kit in my bag for emergency touch ups or to apply an eye shadow if ad-hoc plans com up for met ups and what not. This brush pack is perfectly sized  to be carried around. The plus point is, it comes with a mirror and a tweezer. 

Essence Road trip makeup brush set

Essence Road trip makeup brush set

Essence Road trip makeup brush set
The dry shampoo has to be the most practical and useful thing among all products. For someone as lazy as me, dry shampoo is a blessing. So far I have been using 2 dry shampoos; one by Batiste and the other by Tony & Guy. Both of them come in big spray bottles and carrying them around for travelling is not convenient at all. This small dry shampoo bottle by Essence is a God sent product. It can easily fit into the bag but obviously small bottle means less number of sprays. 

Essence Road Trip dry shampoo

So far with all Essence products that have been made available in Pakistan, I did not notice any twist able pencil lipstick. This has to be the first I have come across by Essence. These are available in 2 variants; I opted for the brighter one as the other one seemed too light to me for my skin tone. The shade I bought is #01 Hit the road, red! 

Essence Road trip mini sheer lipstick in #01 Hit the road, red!

Essence Road trip mini sheer lipstick in #01 Hit the road, red!

Essence Road trip mini sheer lipstick in #01 Hit the road, red!

Essence Road trip mini sheer lipstick in #01 Hit the road, red!
This is all I purchased from the latest Road trip trend edition by Essence. Although I am tempted to buy a few more products from this trend like I have my eyes on the pouch and the nail colors plus I also want to swatch the other lipstick color. Unfortunately, the trend edition has not hit the counters in Lahore yet so I ordered these online from Beauty Arena as Essence trend editions can be very unpredictable sometimes and easily finish off the rack within few days. Being a blogger I can not take risk of not buying the latest products :p 

Here are the prices of the above purchased items:

1. Essence road trip wet wipes Rs. 270
2. Essence road trip brush set Rs. 810
3. Essence road trip dry shampoo Rs. 620
4. Essence road trip mini sheer lipstick Rs. 410

Hope you liked my latest purchases. Have you bought any products from Essence's latest trend edition? Drop in your comments to let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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