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Hi Beauties!

I know I am quite late in doing this post, it should have been done sooner, but as they say; better late than never. Today, I bring you the ST effects box for the months of March and April collectively. The items for both the items were sent out together as the entrepreneur of the service had to go on holidays. So here is what I received this time. 

ST effects beauty box

March and April ST effects beauty box
I received 8 items for two moths. This time, most of the items were of UK brands as the enptrepreneur's shipment from UK had arrived at that time. 

Claire's eyeshadow ombres a paupiere, Tarte maracuja oil, Claire's lipsticks, Stila eyeshadow trio, Stila lipglosses
I had my eyes on this pouch since the moment I had seen it and somehow I was lucky enough to receive it in my ST effects box. The only drawback of this pouch is, it sheds glitter so it kind of leaves behind a trail of glitter. 

Claire's glitter pouch

Claire's glitter pouch

Claire's eyeshadow ombres a paupiere, Claire's lipsticks
The eyeshadows look very promising.

Claire's eyeshadow ombres a paupiere

Claire's lipsticks
I have read a lot about Tarte's maracuja oil, finally going to try it.

Stila lipglosses, Tarte maracuja oil
Even with customized delivery service, the rider was able to damage the package. The Stila eyeshadow trio came broken. I tired fixing it but it was so badly broken and falling out everywhere that I had to throw it with a heavy heart. The colors looked so pigmented and promising. I have been told that I would receive a replacement product in next month's ST box. Its a kind and responsible gesture on the owner's part. 

Stila eyeshadow trio
Finally the worth of all items received in the box mentioned. I opted for a 3 months service this time and have recieved the items of 2 months collectively. The 3 month's service cost me Rs. 5250 including the delivery charges. 

Prices of items
Hope you liked the ST effect box. In case you want to subscribe to it or want to find out more details regarding the service, click here. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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