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Hi Beauties!

No matter what the brand, each brand has its own make of the naked or nude color eye palettes. Ranging from mattes to glittery and pastels to darks, nude palettes come in never ending combinations now. With so much influx sometimes it gets real hard to put your hands on the right palette. This is where, we, beauty bloggers come in handy with our reviews. Today I am reviewing one such nude palette by W7 known by the name, naked nudes. Read my review further to find our more about this quad palette. 

W7 naked nudes eye shadow palette

Naked nudes palette comes in a small plastic rectangular packaging sizing between 5 to 6 inches. Its sleek and easily slips into your handbag or makeup pouch. The packaging is light and prone to easy breakage. The back clearly states the ingredients and product/brand information. The palette comes with 4 eye shadows and a double ended sponge applicator.  

W7 naked nudes eye shadow palette - back

W7 naked nudes eye shadow palette - inside view

W7 naked nudes eye shadow palette

Applicator sponge


The texture of the eye shadows is velvet-y powdery. Upon swiping, the finger easily picks quick a lot of product but only when you begin to spread it you feel the powdery texture. However even with the powder like texture, the fall out is minimum. 

W7 naked nudes eye shadow palette - swatches

The color pigmentation of the eye shadows is average. Considering its a nude matte palette, somewhat the pigmentation is justified. The second color from the left is hardly visible no matter how much amount of the product is used. The colors are not very prominent on desi skin tones. 

Shelf life:

The life of the palette is 12 months from the day of opening. 

W7 naked nudes eye shadow palette

W7 naked nudes eye shadow palette - swatches
My Experience:

For someone like me who works a regular 9 to 6 office job, this palette comes in very handy. I prefer not to wear spunky bright or glittery eye shadows as they give out a party persona. I usually like to keep things matte and pastel on my eyes during work hours. Hence this palette is perfect in my scenario. The eye shadows only provide a sheen and hint of color to the eyes giving the impression of an eye shadow being there but not so visible to actually pop them up. Considering the color pay off, the palette is recommended for those who are into light shades mostly nudes and nakeds. The palette is perfect for girls in their tween and teen years when mums are hesitant to give girls free rein on makeup.

The good part is, the colors do not crease up on the eyes. Even with the powdery texture, they tend to stay put all day long and do not crease up which is a huge plus point for me. 

  • Travel friendly
  • Does not crease
  • Perfect for working women/tweens/teens

  • Color pigmentation
  • May not be visible on desi skin tones
  • Absence of mirror in the palette






         Rs. 625


Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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