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Hi Beauties!

I believe it is now safe to admit that I am obsessed with subscription services by now. I keep on subscribing to them over and over. But within a span of 4 months, I have come to a point where I can fairly decide which ones to subscribe and which ones to rule out. I have previously subscribed to Mystery Box by Beauty Enhancers twice and this is the third mystery box I am reviewing. Read further to find out what I got this month.

April's mystery box by Beauty Enhancers
I really don't know where to begin with this one. I am bad with sugar coating things and sometimes there is just no way around in a bad situation. I did not like this mystery bag at all!!! There, I said it. Yes, I did not like it one bit. Why? 

For starters, it came in a hideous Emirates flight male shaving bag. Isn't it reason enough not to like it? I am a GIRL!!! (shouty capitals, to put stress on the term girl, in case there has ever been a confusion). The kit reminds me of an uncle using his Emirates toiletry bag whenever he flies in from UK. Second reason to hate; there were some sneaky lied involved. Thirdly, I simply did not like the items.

April's mystery box by Beauty Enhancers

April's mystery box by Beauty Enhancers

April's mystery box by Beauty Enhancers - inside view

So here are the 4 items I received in April's mystery box. 

1. Bath & body works sweet summer kiss body lotion 
2. Gucci guilty diamonds sampler 
3. Aveda deluxe sized body cream 
4. Bare minerals deluxe sized tinted mineral veil

Bath & body works sweet summer body lotion, Aveda stress fix body creme, Bare minerals tinted mineral veil, Gucci guilty diamonds sampler

Gucci guilty diamonds sampler

Aveda stress fix body creme

Bath & body works sweet summer kiss body lotion
Bare mineral tinted mineral veil

My Thoughts: 

As much as I thought, the previous mystery box was a hit, this one is equally and down right a major flop with me. Firstly, the bag it came in, is a male shaving kit and that too an Emirates flight service courtesy. Lady, you are running a service here, please put an ounce of effort and creativity into it. An air plane toiletry bag? Really??? 

Secondly, this mystery bag reached me way too late to my liking. It came in almost 3 weeks late after I had made the payment. I do not mind the occasional glitches or hiccups, but lying isn't okay. I was informed that my bag has been shipped but it did not reach me for 2 weeks. I was informed by the owner that she would look into the matter and provide me the tracking number once she gets the receipts from the rider. Again I contacted her myself that I still haven't received the bag, to which I was told that she is abroad on a vacation and can not do much from there. Surely there must be someone who could look into the matter and with the advancement of social networking we are in touch with almost everything. Its not the cave era. I wonder who received the receipts from the rider? Finally when I received the package, my first action was to check its details and when I entered the bar code number which is actually the tracking number of a parcel, it was dispatched one day earlier. I do not inhabit the planet of the apes, so my address is surely of planet Earth and I do receive my packages always and on time. So there is the irresponsible and non professional behavior and also the non communication at the owner's end. The customers are always given a deadline to pay within 24 - 48 hours, I wonder if the page owners should also be bullied into a set dead line to dispatch items with a certain hour time period. 

Thirdly, the items. The items are just okay. There is the Bath & body works lotion, I am happy with that one. Then there is another deluxe size body cream, a good for nothing sniffing gucci guilty sampler and bare minerals tinted mineral veil, which I received in my previous month's subscription box as well. What's with the redundant item? Clearly, the owner of the service is not maintaining any records. Its simply a service in haste with no effort on part of the owner and is just to earn some easy bucks. 

I am extremely disappointed with the service and I shall not be subscribing to this service again and neither am I recommending anyone to waste money on it as well. 

Until next time. Feel free to drop in your comments and share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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