First Halal Makeup Brand in Pakistan by Masarrat Misbah

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Hi Beauties!

Halal Makeup is becoming quite the trend now and is gaining popularity among the Muslim women massively. Almost 2 months back I received the privilege to attend the launch party of newly launched Halal makeup range by the very famous and well recognized Masarrat Misbah. She is one of the pioneers and trend setters in the makeup industry of Pakistan. I remember growing up to the one well-known salon name; Depilex. Not limited to just makeup industry she is an active philanthropist who has her own organization to help female victims of acid attacks by housing them, training them and enabling them to be a part of the community again. It is much to my pleasure to know that she has launched her own makeup brand in Pakistan that too a halal one by the name of Masarrat Misbah, (MM). Here are some shots from the launch party. Hope you will enjoy them and be a part of it as much as I was.

Masarrat Misbah Makeup launch

I got delayed slightly as I had to join in after work. When I entered, the party was in full swing and the place was thralling with media people, well recognized faces from fashion industry, models and off course the lovely bloggers. The event was professionally arranged with beautiful decor and exquisite food items. The presentation was amiable. 

I had a detailed conversation with Hafsa, the hard worker behind MM makeup launch who also happens to be Masarrat Misbah's niece, she explained how it took them 2 years of research and product testing to come up with this makeup line that is halal, vegan and eco friendly with no animal fat or skin harming chemicals. Also the makeup line is certified by a company in Turkey that tests skin care items and makeup for genuine Halal claim. I love the fact that they worked out on the shades and colors to be Asian skin tone friendly. I am mesmerized by the extensive foundation shades. They are still working on more products and plan to expand their range soon. 

MM eye shadows

MM Lipsticks

MM blushes

Looks created using MM makeup

MM makeup kiosk

It was my second experience meeting Masarrat Misbah in person, and I was amazed how down to earth, friendly and easy going person she is despite her success and fame. She is a charmer and the most humble person one can imagine. 

Hafsa, niece of Masarrat Misbah also taking care of MM makeup line
And off course we beauty bloggers got the chance to test and swatch the products as much as we wanted. We got to play around with the whole range and it was so much fun checking out the products, how they appear on each other's tones and who looks good in what shade. 

Swatches of MM blush ons

Swatches of lipsticks, lip glosses and lip varnishes
Then there was this cake cutting ceremony and we were all served a very delicious and yummilicious cake. Unfortunately I did not get to enjoy the food much as I was suffering from mild food poisoning that day. 

Yummilicious MM cake

The MM team along with friends and family

Masarrat Misbah along with her daughter and grand daughter

Hira and Maria Tabassum

Fakhra and Kinza from Fakhra's blog
Overall its was a fun filled activity, getting to meet so many people, interacting with them and being silly among friends. 

The lovely beauty bloggers
In case you are wondering what I received in my goody bag, so here is what I got.

My goody bag

Items of my goody bag
I hope the pictorial recap of the event was much to your liking. Drop in your comments and share your views with me as I love reading your feedback. It tells me that my hard work is liked by my readers. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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