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Hi Beauties!

Primers have become very popular in the beauty industry. There was a time when the term primer was unheard of but now makeup application can not begin without the use of a primer. Many among us still do not know the usability of primer or how it affects the overall makeup application. I tend to explain in detail how useful a primer can be in today's post. 

I have been using primers for some time now. I have had my fair share of good and worthless primers and I believe primers prove to be of great assistance in makeup application. Recently I had the opportunity to try out w7's prime magic camera ready face primer, one of the variants out of its primer range. For further details on the primer read the full post. 

W7 prime magic face primer

W7 primer comes in a 30 ml plastic tube like packaging. The tube is transparent with a black twist lid. The tube is small in size and is travel friendly. On fist glance, w7 primer reminds me of the very famous and much raved smashbox photo finish primer. Many beauty bloggers have compared the w7 one to the smashbox and no wonder its inspired by smashbox. The packaging and even the primer itself is very much similar to smashbox one.  

W7 prime magic face primer

W7 prime magic face primer
Texture and consistency: 

The primer is silicone based and has thick gel like consistency. Its transparent in color and is very smooth upon application due to the silicone. However it takes time to adjust and stay on the skin. Upon blending it, the primer keeps on moving around and takes a good 15-20 seconds to adjust on the skin. I recommend waiting for a few seconds after application. 

W7 prime magic face primer - swatch
The swatches of eye shadows you see below are without the application of w7 primer on my hand. The swatches are from Sigma's flare palette and are itself of good quality. However the results turn out to be even better after the application of w7 primer. 

Swatches of eye shadows without w7 primer

Swatches of eye shadows without w7 primer
The pictures below are shot  after I had liberally applied w7 primer on my hand then swatched the eye shades. Notice, the colors are much smoother and sharper. The first 2 shades on top left are more deeper in color and are very smooth upon swatching. The powdery, chalky appearance is not visible. Even the highlighting shades on the extreme right on top and bottom are more vibrant. 

Swatches of eye shadows with w7 primer

Swatches of eye shadows with w7 primer

Before and after comparison of swatches without and with use of w7 prime magic face primer
One function of the primer which is apparent above is color enhancement. The less pigmented shades can be revived and made more visible with the help of a primer. But this is not the only purpose a primer serves. Any good primer like the w7 one will prep your skin for makeup application. The thick gel like consistency ensures only a small amount of product is required for the entire face. Once the primer is in place you will notice it tends to moisturize your face covering the dry patches and mattifies the skin and provides an additional layer for foundation application. It smooths out the fine lines and visible pores and makes foundation application, a child's play. Moreover, once the makeup is complete, the primer makes sure that makeup stays put for longer hours and it controls the skin oiliness to some extent as well. 

My Experience:

I have not had the chance to try the smashbox photo finish primer but I believe this one comes close to it. It helps me mattify my skin, helps me smooth out my skin and reduces the visibility of pores and makes foundation application a dream. My makeup stays longer in tact on my face due to this primer beside the super hot and humid weather of Lahore. No makeup can survive 43º Celsius heat but w7 primer makes it last longer than without a primer would. Another good part about this primer is, it is totally odorless. So for all those who do not like fragrant items this is the primer for you. Since it has silicone in it, if you are allergic to silicone then you should not opt for this product. Smashbox primer is priced at $36 while the w7 one only costs $5 and delivers what a primer is supposed to do. It might not be very suitable for dry skin types however it would definitely suit the oily, combination to oily, normal to combination type skin tones. However for Summers, whatever the case, a primer is a must for me. 






         Rs. 995


At the moment w7 primer can be purchased from Al fatah store in DHA Y block and online via Beautified.pk 


For me this product is a must buy for all seasons but especially for Summers. 

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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