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Hi Beauties!

Summers are finally here and the temperature is rising day by day. The sun is all set to dehydrate you and make you dull. The question is what to do revitalize yourself in a jiffy? I have found aromatherapy quite effective for myself. There is nothing like a soothing cold bath to freshen you up in the harsh summer weather. It doesnt hurt to bath twice or thrice a day given the extreme temperature. Mixing a little bath soak makes the bath all the more pleasant and rejuvenating. I tried Well-beeing's Bee-Oudh bath soak and here is how it worked for me... 

Well Beeing Bee-Oudh bath soak
Here is what Well-beeing has to say about its Bee-Oudh bath soak:

"An Oriental fragrance that provides an escape to the orient through time travel taking a stroll in the jungle of Aquilaria trees of south east Asia. A fragrance that has all kinds of shades it’s smokey, warm spicy, deep woody, amber, rosy and a bit sweet in an intriguing way." 

Well Beeing Bee-Oudh bath soak

Bee-Oudh comes in a vintage glass bottle with a cork functioning as a lid. The bottle reminds me of vintage bottles back in the 16th or 17th century used to send messages across the sea. The tinted bottle allows to see the contents inside the bottle. I found the cork to be slightly brittle, it broke into two pieces on my third use. I think Well-beeing has now replaced the cork with a plastic lid, which is a better option in my opinion. The cork has its own perks though, like giving the bottle a vintage look. 

Well Beeing Bee-Oudh bath soak

The bath soak is in crystal form with a dirty white look. The crystals are disproportionate and not very small or powder like. The bigger size allows them to last longer in water, dissolving slowly and lasting the aroma longer. Unlike the powdery ones, these take slightly longer to dissolve in water. The crystals are coarse and they work great as an exfoliating agent too. 

Well Beeing Bee-Oudh bath soak crystals

Well Beeing Bee-Oudh bath soak crystals

Usage Instructions:

For best results use in hot water bath. Depending on your tolerance and preference adjust the quantity, 2 tablespoons or more a bath and swish the water gently so that the salts dissolve and disperse throughout the water. Inhale to open your respiratory tracts. Soak for 20-30 minutes. Refrain from towel drying. Bathing before bedtime is recommended but if bathing during the day it is suggested to take a 15-20 minute rest after the bath.

My Experience:

I found the product very easy to use. I pour an ample amount of the product since I love the strong aroma it provides in the bathroom to my senses and I want it to last till the end of my bath. The crystals being bigger than normal bath crystals take time to dissolve, which makes the aroma last longer. The therapeutic bath soak provided multiple benefits to me. It not only acts as a bath soak but also has healing properties. It quickly tantalizes the senses, removes exhaustion and awakes the mind. I love it when my baths include bee-oudh bath soak in them. Its not just a soak but also acts as a diffuser and an exfoliant. The crystals contain essential oil which are good for the body and can be used as an exfoliant as well. Used as a diffuser, it invigorates the senses due to its therapeutic properties and creates an environmental friendly room. All in all, I am sold on this bee-oudh bath soak and would definitely be trying other variants of these bath soaks. 






           Rs. 450


Well-beeing bee-oudh bath soak can be purchased online from their Facebook page by clicking on the link here


If you are an environment friendly person and side with organic, vegan and non harmful skin care products then I definitely recommend trying this bath soak. The only thing to look out for is its strong aroma if you are opposed to strong fragrances. 

Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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