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Hi Beauties!

The best time to test and judge the performance of an eye liner is during Summers, especially during the Monsoon season. I was probably living under a rock or something as I did not know about the availability of newly launched products by Color Studio Professional. So when I was taking a stroll through the cosmetics section of Enem store, I spotted this new eye liner which grabbed my attention. Truthfully, I purchased it under the illusion of being a kajal but much to my surprise it turned out to be an eye liner. I have been using it since the day I bought it and here is my take on it...

Color Studio Professional eye stylist
I am through and through an eye liner person. It is one thing without which, I do not step out of my house. You will be lucky to catch me without wearing one. Here is what Color Studio has to say about its eye stylist:

"Stand out with bold intense liquid color with a tapered brush applicator. Create precision lines for dramatic or sleek eye looks. Eye stylist bold liquid color 24 hour waterproof eye liner is a long wear, versatile liner for smooth brush tip application."

Color Studio Professional eye stylist

Color studio professional eye stylist comes in a cardboard packaging with a see through plastic holder so you can see the eye liner placed inside. I found the cardboard packaging quite tacking and in most cases its not even sealed. No guaranteeing the eye liner is new or been tested before. Either the glue isn't strong or the sales girls at the counters open it up to show the customers. 

The eye liner itself is straight pen shaped and comes with an applicator brush. I really like the brush since its allows swift movement and the brush isn't too thin. It picks up decent amount of the product and is smooth to work with. 

Color Studio Professional eye stylist

Color Studio Professional eye stylist

Color Studio Professional eye stylist applicator brush

The swatch looks very promising with the color pay off. Its fresh and wet in the picture. Once it dries, it turns matte. I am not a fan of shiny finish when it comes to eye liners. I prefer them matte. The shiny finish makes me feel like a plastic like layering over my eyes though they are much easier to remove. The consistency of the eye liner is simply perfect. Its neither runny and nor to thick. Its just the right combination which makes the application a breeze. 

Color Studio Professional eye stylist - swatch

Color Studio Professional eye stylist - freshly applied

Color Studio Professional eye stylist
My Experience:

For me, only one thing, and I really mean, only one thing qualifies the liner as great and that is, it should not smudge, melt or fade away on my eyes. It should stay put no matter what temperature it is out there. Give me that and I'll say its the best eye liner. Fortunately, Color studio professional has qualified for me into this category. I find the eye liner very convenient to use. It glides on the eyes beautifully but takes good 30 to 45 seconds to completely dry. Once its dry, it does not budge or smudge. It stays put and does not melt off due to sweaty eye lids, thanks to extreme Summers. It has proven to stay put for 12 hours for sure on my eyes. While its drying one might feel slight discomfort as it tends to contract a little and gives off a stretchy feeling on the lids but it gets normal once it completely sets. No more stretchy eyes. Other than that, I have found no irritation or harm to my eyes at all. 

Removing the eye liner with an eye makeup remover is quite convenient. Though it tends to get a little flaky while being removed and if you are washing it off under water with a cleanser or face wash, be a little careful of the flakes as they may fall into the eye and cause slight irritation. 


  • Intense black
  • Moderate sized brush
  • Perfect for creating winged eye liner look 
  • Small and travel friendly
  • Water proof
  • Takes a bit to dry out
  • Shrinks and causes discomfort while drying






             Rs. 450


Color studio professional cosmetics are available at all super stores and shopping malls. I purchased mine from Enem Store. You can also buy them online from just4girls and beauty arena. Color studio has its own website as well but I have not seen the eye liner uploaded as yet on their website. 


A total yes from me for this gorgeous eye liner. 

Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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  1. This looks really pigmented. For the price, it is definitely great. Thanks for sharing

  2. Great review! I saw it atenem too and the sales girl really tried hard to sell to me but i ma not a liquif linner person at all so i'll let it pass!

  3. Nice review! I love this one and even the second one.. cant remember its name right now but anyways they are both amazing products by ColorStudio I even love their kohl pencil. Their new lipstick line looks promising as well

  4. Sounds like a great eyeliner and the price is very reasonable too. I will definitely look for it. Nice review.

  5. Never tried anything from Color studio but this seems really good

  6. I will check this out after my current liquid liner finishes. Great detailed review :) -Sadaf

  7. I thought it would be expensive but Rs. 450 is very economical. And with the liner being soo good, it seems like a must buy :)

  8. The price tag looks good but I find the dip liners a bit difficult to use.

  9. The pigmentation looks good and I'm happy to hear the finish is matte. Will check it out next time I go makeup shopping. :)

    Momina xx
    ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

  10. It looks really black and pigmented. I am soo into liquid eyeliners these days :D Looks amazing

  11. looks pigmented but the shrinkage part is weird because for me eyeliner should be non irritating.


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