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Hi Beauties!

Today I am reviewing the highly acclaimed and much popular Mask of Magnaminty by Lush. I have read real fantastic reviews about this product and many beauty bloggers and people with acne prone skin swear by this product. I also bought it under the impression that it certainly is a worthy trying product considering our weather. Frankly, I have a love/hate relationship with this mask, which I would explain further in my post. 

Lush mask of magnaminty

Lush mask of magnaminty comes in 2 sizes. I have the smaller one in 4.4 oz. It comes in a black plastic like tub with lid on top. I personally like the packaging as the plastic tub is matte and gives off a classy finish. Since its a tub I find it space consuming. 

Lush mask of magnaminty

When you open the jar the first thing you notice is the strong pepper mint aroma which is due to the presence of pepper mint oil. Pepper mint oil helps in fighting acne, also its good as a refresh-ant for the skin. Next popular ingredient of magnaminty is the bentone gel. Bentonite gel is a natural acne fighting ingredient and also helps in cleaning and tightening of the pores. In case you have troublesome skin or your skin throws a sudden tantrum with break outs the bentonite gel in this mask helps fighting it. Kaolin helps in pulling dirt and impurities out of the pores which is perfect for the current weather as the Monsoon season is known for making the skin a constantly oozing oil well. 

Ingredients of Lush mask of magnaminty
Usage Instructions:

Usage of the mask is pretty simple. Scoop two fingers into the mask and start applying on the face. Repeat the process till the whole face or the required areas are covered. It depends upon you where you want to use the mask, the whole face or just the troubling areas. The mask is known to be used on the body as well. Since I have an itchy oily back, I would have loved to use it there but unfortunately I could not get help by anyone to apply it on my back. Leave the mask on the skin for 5-10 minutes. I prefer leaving it on for 15 minutes. The mask begins to dry after a while causing a tightening feeling. When the mask is dry, rinse off with water while slowly scrubbing it off. The scrubbing will serve as skin exfoliation. 

Usage Instructions

Lush mask of magnaminty
Consistency and Texture:

The mask is quite thick in consistency, in fact it is mud like thick with a lumpy texture. The lumps are due to the presence of grounded aduki beans which are prominently visible in the mask. The application is not mess free and be warned that during initial applications you might face falling off the mask lumps. Make sure you apply it in front of a sink. Also I recommend finishing the jar as soon as possible as there is an expiration date of few months and also I have noticed, the mask begins to dry out in the tub pretty quick. If you do not use it on your body, I recommend purchasing the smaller jar. 

Swatch of Lush mask of magnaminty

Swatch of Lush mask of magnaminty

Freshly applied on face
 So here is what my skin looked like after a hot humid day with 42 degrees temperature. My face is oily and there are also a few white heads on my skin. Plus notice the dullness and tanning of my skin.

Skin before application

Skin before application
After applying the mask of magnaminty and washing it off, here is what my skin looked like. The oil has totally been removed from the skin, my skin feels fresh, alive, smooth and glow-y. 

Skin after application
My Experience: 

Since I have a dry to combination skin, I really do not know when my skin would throw a tantrum. Suddenly there is a zit popping out on my face from nowhere for no reason or my face starts oozing tons of oil making it loose its glow and freshness. Here is where Lush mask of magnaminty comes handy. It really helps me in deflating my zits and breakouts. The sole reason I like this mask is coz of this very reason. There are no specific instructions for the frequency of usage, so I have used this mask on a daily basis as well and with gaps of 3 to 4 days and a week too. The instant effect is the tingling sensation caused due to the pepper mint oil which is so gentle that it causes no burning or redness over the skin. Next is the cooling effect over the skin which starts with application and lasts almost half an hour even after washing off the mask. I like to use water to scrub it off my face while rubbing my face gently to exfoliate as well. The aduki beans serve as good and gentle exfoliants. After washing it leaves my skin fresh, hydrated, moisturized without any greasy effect, clean and glow-y. The glow lasts for a very short while on my skin but it has a long term effect on the sudden break outs. Sometimes I use it all over my face and sometimes only on my nose, cheeks where I have enlarged pores, or forehead where I have a very oily zone. This is by far the gentlest and most suitable sensitive skin mask I have used. Definitely worth a try for acne prone skins. 

Before and after results of Lush mask of magnaminty

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Helps fighting acne and breakouts
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth, hydrated and moisturized
  • Does not cause dryness
  • Short shelf life
  • Dries pretty quick
  • Short term effects
  • Non availability in Pakistan 






I bought it for Rs. 2250 inclusive of delivery charges from Hash. Its an online Facebook store with tons of makeup and skin care products. 

Hope you liked my detailed review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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  1. Nice review! I have also read a lot about this mask, but the short shelf life puts me off from purchasing!

  2. I was thinking about trying the mask but it seems like a decent product for the price. Thanks for sharing your opinion :)

  3. Lush masks are really Lush :). Great review
    Khaista Blogs

  4. Oh natural yummy scented feshness! Totally my kind of thing. You always review things in great detail I love that :) -Sadaf

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos. I also have lots of pimples but when I used the cleanser they all vanished.

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