|Review|: W7 Power Puff Face Blender Sponge in Pink

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Hi Beauties!

Do you want to try out the beauty blender which is quite popular among several beauty gurus and celebrities? Are you on a budget or don't feel like spending big bucks on a makeup blending sponge? If yes, then there is a great dupe available to the beauty blender by W7. W7 is famous for creating affordable dupes of high end expensive brands without compromising on the quality. Power puff latex free face blender sponge is an excellent dupe by W7 for the beauty blender. 

W7 Power puff face blender sponge in pink
W7 power puff latex free blender sponge comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Unlike my curvy dome shaped one, there is a plain egg shaped sponge available as well in different colors.  Much like the beauty blender, W7 sponge also comes in a plastic container which I find very helpful during travel since it saves other stuff from being ruined by the absorbed foundation and also keeps the sponge safe from absorbing dust and dirt. 

W7 Power puff face blender sponge in pink
Usage Instructions:

Usage is very simple actually. Place it under running water and let it absorb as much water as it can till it enlarges in size. Then squeeze the sponge to remove excess water. Make sure the sponge is wet but not dripping at all. 

Dab some foundation onto the sponge or the sponge into the foundation and dab it all across your face until an even and blended coverage is achieved. it is preferred to making dabbing motions and not rubbing it all over the face. 

How I use it:

The instructions say to dab the foundation onto the face. I quite honestly do not find the dabbing very helpful. For me, dabbing takes a lot of time to achieve a perfect even finish or its just me who needs to learn dabbing foundation. I just dab a few spots of foundation on my face, then rub the sponge all over my face to achieve an even blended finish. Its much easier, quick and less time consuming. I say whatever works for you, do that. 

Usage instructions

W7 Power puff face blender sponge in pink

Texture and shape:

Comparing it with the beauty blender, W7 sponge is not very porous which is a good point since it does not absorb a lot of product in itself. However its harder than beauty blender and not as squeezable as the beauty blender. Its more dense. The wider base helps covering larger areas like foundation application all over the face. While the narrower pointy top helps in concealer application close to nose and under eye area. 

W7 Power puff face blender sponge in pink


In its dry form, the sponge is like 2.5 inches long. However upon being wet it expands in width, not much in length. The sponge can be used wet or dry. However, I feel that in dry form it absorbs more product especially if the foundation is liquid. For creamy products, I prefer using it in dry form though, since the dry form helps in making the product stay in place while the wet state makes the creamy product slide off along with sponge movements. 

W7 power puff face blender sponge in dry form
Washing Instructions:

Washing the sponge is pretty simple. I use Johnson's baby shampoo. The mild shampoo lathers well and takes out all excess product from the sponge. Take a bowl of water and pour some shampoo in it. Dip the sponge in the bowl and keep squeezing the sponge to take out any absorbed product inside. Wash it under running water until the sponge is thoroughly clean and shampoo free. Make sure to wash your sponge on a regular basis as the sponge serves to be a breeding place for bacteria and spores. Let it dry at normal room temperature and keep it in the plastic container when dry to avoid from dust and germ catching. 


  • Multipurpose tool. Can be used to apply foundation, concealer and highlighter. No need for many brushes
  • Pocket friendly
  • Quick application
  • Latex free
  • Could be hard to use for brush lovers
  • Takes time to dry which may lead to bacteria formation if not cared for properly
  • Shorter life compared to brushes






         Rs. 645


You can find W7 products at Al-fatah DHA Y block outlet or you can purchase them from Beautified.pk

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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