|Review|: Tarte CC Parkave Princess Colored Clay Bronzer Blush

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Hi Beauties!

Some wishes come true in the best possible way. I have been eyeing Tarte CC parkave princess colored clay bronzer blush for a really long time now, almost 6 months but no one had it in stock and I was too lazy to pre order it. Then the best thing happened, I saw it on special deals at The Brand Hub on such a mind blowing economical price, I ordered it so quickly that my fingers were shaking while placing the order with fear that someone else might reserve it before me. I know its sounds like such an exaggerated event but trust me it happens to the best of us beauty bloggers and make up hoarders. 

Tarte CC parkave princess colored clay bronzer blush
Here is what tarte claims about its CC parkave princess colored clay bronzer blush in "Pink bronze"

"All-over buildable bronzer blush infused with color-correcting colored clay."


Tarte Parkave princess bronzer blush comes in a cardboard box which looks quite ordinary. The bronzer blush is set in a round shaped plastic pan which is of an average quality and will not appeal if you don't know what resides inside it. Judging the product solely from the packaging, it isn't attractive. 

The bronzer blush weighs to be 9 grams and expiration is 12 months from first time opening. 

Tarte CC parkave princess colored clay bronzer blush

Tarte CC parkave princess colored clay bronzer blush

Tarte CC parkave princess colored clay bronzer blush

One look at the blush and I, instantly fell in love with this baby. Its a gorgeous multi colored bronzer blush which serves multiple purposes. It has patches of multiple shades. You will find light pink, dark pink, peach, green and brown shades all in one with glittery particles finely milled to give the impression of a highlighter. As finishing, the bronzer blush has a palm leaf texture all over it which further adds into the beauty of it. 

Tarte CC parkave princess colored clay bronzer blush

Tarte CC parkave princess colored clay bronzer blush

Swatches on hand

Swatched on the hand
My Experience:

I am more than happy to get my hands on a product which has dual purposes. This blush is a fine example of my wishes. It has highlighter, blush and bronzer compacted into 1. I really have not tried using the shades individually as it would fail my purpose. I swirl my kabuki all over the pan and apply it to my cheeks. The color pay off is quite sheer to my dismay but its buildable with 2 to 3 layers. I really like the effect of this bronzer blush on my cheeks. It gives a peachy pink glow and lasts for like 4 to 5 hours after which it fades rather quickly. Its quite easily removable and easily transferable as well. One swipe of the hand and your cheeks are only left with glitter. As pretty as it looks, performance wise it is not very impressive. For the practical make up users, you can let this one go, for the make up hoarders, I know letting it go might be a very hard thing to do, you can add it to your collection as its just too pretty. 

Applied on the cheek

Swatched on the cheek





           $30 or Rs. 3500 approximately. You will not believe I purchased it for Rs. 1900 which is approximately $18. Brand Hub, the Facebook store has these amazing "Steal Deals by ST exclusive edition" going on these days where you can buy skin care and cosmetics items on stellar prices. I totally recommend heading to this page for shopping. 


Sadly Tarte is not officially available in Pakistan but you can order it from various Facebook stores. I got mine from The Brand Hub.

Hope you liked my review on Tarte CC Parkave princess bronzer blush in pink bronze. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. I simply love reading your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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