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Hi Beauties!

I have never had the chance to try Karaja cosmetics before although I have been seeing their kiosks for a very long time. This changed after I used their gel liner which greatly impressed me by its quality. So I had been using the eye liner for some time and I spotted some very cool looking drool worthy products at Karaja kiosk and I wanted to try them out. I asked the sales rep to swatch the products and really liked the results. Hence I purchased a few products out of which I am reviewing their Face Dream Blush in Harmony today.

Karaja face dream blush in harmony

Karaja Face Dream blush comes in a sturdy bright orange colored cardboard packaging with nice abstract design all over it. The design gives a nice touch to the plain packaging. I am not a fan of orange color hence I did not like the bright orange they have used. 

Karaja face dream blush in harmony - packaging back side
The blush comes in a heavy glossy black square shaped pan with the same abstract design on the top which is seen on the cardboard. On the pan, the design is colored. This sales rep dropped the blush on the floor by mistake, the blush survived but the packaging did not. The hinges broke and she sold me the same faulty broken piece. I am not a fan of the pan since it can not withstand drops and jerks but the good part is the blush itself survived. 

The blush itself

What I loved about this blush is, the variety it provides. I spot a highlighting shade, a bronzer and a lighter shade of pink and a darker peach. It depends how you want to use it; collectively or each color separately. I also loved the swirl pattern and the embossed stripes. In my opinion it gives a very classy look to the blush. 

Texture & Pigmentation:

The texture of the whole palette is powdery. It lies somewhere between a satin and powdery finish. The pink, peach and highlighting shade have been milled well, the bronzer however has chunks of glitter in it which is slightly off putting for me. 

The pigmentation is decent. I wouldn't say its eye bulging impressive, just decent in my opinion. But the good part is, its build able so it gives you control to plaster on according to your needs. I prefer a light tint to my cheeks at work so it works great for me. The best part is, I do not have to apply blush, highlighter and a bronzer separately when I am running late. One swirl over the pan does the job. 


The below pictures are of my cousin and she is 2 shades darker than me.

Very well blended swatch

My Experience:

I absolutely love the color of this blush. Its perfect for my skin tone. It has the right amount of pink, peach and highlighter to bring life to my cheeks and also a shimmery bronzer to contour. What more can anyone ask for? Its like having 1 in all cheek palette that too in a compact portable size. Pink blusher makes me look funny and using peach alone makes me look tan at times but mixing all these 4 colors gives me the perfect blend that suits my face. I swirl my brush all over the blush on and apply it to my cheeks and blend. It stays good for 3 to 4 hours and then starts to fade. It lacks an ideal lasting power but I can live with it. It gives a subtle glow to the skin. The product is quite pigmented which means you do not really need a lot of the product. I would recommend using small amount and building it up afterwards as per need. The only thing I did not like about this palette is, it strays a lot of powder here and there on the case when Im swirling my brush which makes the palette a bit messy.


  • Pigmentation
  • All in 1 cheek palette
  • Color pay off
  • Velvety texture
  • Stay on power
  • Strays on the palette
  • Packaging
  • Price is steep





Rs. 2195/- 
It falls into the category of expensive in my opinion. The price is steep. 


I have seen Karaja kiosks at Al Fatah and Enem stores. I am sure its available at certain other stores on Lahore as well. I purchased mine from Al Fatah Mall at Kasuri Road. 


If you are looking for an all in one compact blush with good quality then this is the blush for you. 

I hope you liked my detailed review. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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